The Leuven Suite: Your Personal Hotel Experience

The Suite / Studio Kloek

Project: The Leuven Suite
Architecture: Studio Kloek
Location: Leuven, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium
Area: 27,74 m2
Year: 2024
Photo Credits: Claar

Twelve years ago, the homeowner renovated their house in Leuven. Since then, the lady of the house had been dreaming of a bathroom and bedroom that, once the door was closed, would make her feel like she was on vacation, right in her own home! Unfortunately, the result from twelve years ago was not quite what they had hoped for. Therefore, they came to us with the request to transform this room into a true hotel experience, but comfortably at home. This is how The Leuven Suite was born!

The Floor Plan

The space we worked with was a challenge of 730 by 376 cm. A modest area to incorporate a bedroom, bathroom, and dressing room. But we see this more as a fun puzzle rather than a limitation! Special requests are, in fact, our specialty! To make room for everything, we quickly decided to place long built-in wardrobes on both sides of the space: on one side, wardrobes 60 cm deep, and on the other side, 50 cm deep. Those 10 cm difference might not seem like much, but it makes a world of difference because not all storage cabinets need to be 60 cm deep. For folded clothes, less depth is ideal, while for coats and dresses on hangers, the full depth is necessary. In the middle of the space, we designed a freestanding bed with a high, arched headboard that you can walk around. This provides easy access for both people to their side of the bed. Under the bed, we provided pull-out drawers for extra storage space. Here you can store everything from books and glasses to your phone charger and, who knows, a bottle of champagne!


At the foot of the bed, we placed a cylindrical shower column. The shower is accessible from the back of the room, so you immediately experience a sense of privacy upon entering. In the shower, we chose a single showerhead and a central drain. The walls are covered with glass mosaic tiles that change color depending on the angle from which you look. Magical, isn’t it? The bed and shower column are upholstered in dark blue fabric, which is not only visually appealing but also absorbs sound, contributing to a quiet and cozy atmosphere. Naturally, we chose a waterproof fabric so you can shower without worries. The walls are decorated with wallpaper in warm red/pink tones, creating a cozy atmosphere. Above the built-in wardrobes, we placed a mirror, giving the impression that the space extends infinitely. This gives the room an extra sense of depth. For the ceiling, we proposed a microtopping paint finish.

The Sink Countertop

On the other side of the shower column, or “scratching post,” there is a thin sink countertop finished with microtopping. It houses copper sinks, with the bottom visible for a slimmer look. The copper drains are also visible, eliminating the need for a bulky cabinet under the countertop. There is plenty of storage space in the long row of cabinets behind you! Since the sink is against a curved wall, we added two freestanding, rotating mirrors. There is also a hanger for your bathrobe next to the freestanding tub.

Freestanding Tub

By the window, we placed a freestanding tub. From here, you have a beautiful view of the backyard and the large tree. The tub is accessible from both sides and is surrounded by a microtopping step that delineates the bathing area. A copper-colored faucet perfectly complements the dark blue upholstery and microtopping.

One Last Detail…

On the floor, around the shower column and near the sink countertop, we laid red sandstone tiles. This highlights the places where you step out of the shower with wet feet and then dry off. Thanks to the underfloor heating, this tiled floor feels wonderfully warm. Around the red tiles, we installed herringbone parquet, giving the space a warm and authentic look.

This is The Leuven Suite: your personal retreat, blending luxury and comfort right at home.



The Suite / Studio Kloek


The Suite / Studio Kloek

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