Penthouse Mamaia North by Interior Store

Penthouse Mamaia North by Interior Store

Project: Penthouse Mamaia North
Interior Design: Interior Store – Ioana Tinca
Location: Mamaia, Constanta, Romania
Year 2021
Area 275 sqm
Photos: Courtesy of Interior Store

This penthouse furnished in a modern and “cozy” style is located in one of the newest apartment buildings in Mamaia. The apartment – with a total area of 275 sqm, was just an open space, when Interior Store designers made a commitment to create a comfortable, modern and functional space.

Penthouse Mamaia North by Interior Store

They structured the space in an apartment with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an open living area; as well as a large terrace, which offers a great panorama both on the beach and the sea, as well as on the lake.

To create a unique design of the apartment, the designers used a dark-white paint for almost all walls in the apartment. The dark wood floor of all the main rooms has been used for the elegance it offers to the spaces.

living room, Interior Store

The living area of the Penthouse Mamaia North includes a living room – with sofa and modern minimalist furniture; and a kitchen with large windows, which provide natural light throughout the day; and with an oversized island used as a workspace.

Penthouse Mamaia North by Interior Store

Designers wanted to separate the kitchen living area – thus creating a level difference between the two areas. With a difference of one step, the kitchen is thus completely separated from the living area; being in the same space.

For the kitchen, the designers decided not to cover large windows with curtains or curtains – and allow natural light to enter the home.

kitchen, Interior Store

The furniture chosen for the entire project is part of the modern-minimalist Interior Store collections.

The color scheme for the living area is based on shades of gray, beige and white – perfectly combined with natural textures, such as concrete and wood.

Access to the night area is via a long hallway – customized with some graphic sketches.

From the hall there is also access to a bathroom – designed for both the living area and the bedroom.

bedroom, Interior Store

The design of the bathroom is also very modern, with a mixture of hexagonal plates and decorative paint on the walls, in shades of gray, beige and brown. Natural wood furniture with mineral marble washbasin provides plenty of storage space. The corner bath is the only bath in the apartment.

Penthouse Mamaia North by Interior Store

The first bedroom of the apartment was also designed in a modern style. For this bedroom, the designers chose a very large dressing room, with brown mirror doors and a double bed. Bedside tables – one with 2 drawers and one round table type; as well as the dresser with drawers, give the color accent to this room – fabric.

bedroom, Interior Store

The dark wood texture is also found in this room – the designers wishing to obtain a unitary design for the entire Penthouse Mamaia North.

The drape used in the cream velvet is chromatically similar to the bed upholstery.

On the opposite side of the apartment is the master bedroom – with direct access to the master bathroom. For the main bedroom the accent color used – dark blue – is an elegant color, which we will find both on the wall behind the bed, on the armchair located near the window but also on the velvet drapes.

bedroom, Interior Store

The king size bed chosen for this room is upholstered in white leather, to create a purternic contrast with the dark blue wall. Instead of traditional bedside tables, the designers used 2 small tables, with a modern-industrial design. In front of the bed – on a step, was placed a very comfortable armchair and the comfortable TV with a sliding door. Both the dressing room and the dressing room in this bedroom were chosen in shades of white, with glossy lacquered finishes.

Penthouse Mamaia North by Interior Store

The master bathroom, like all other rooms of the house, offers very large windows and glass doors for access to the terrace. The walls and floor were finished with anthracite tiles with an irregular surface; which offers a modern and very modern look.

The areas of unplated walls with ceramic in the bathrooms, were finished with special decorative paint for the area with high humidity.

bathroom, Interior Store

The shower with glass walls and the anthracite stone tub is one of the centerpieces of this bathroom.

bathroom, Interior Store

Modern bathroom furniture with drawers and glossy white finishes creates another attraction for this bathroom, as well as the two round wool stools.

bathroom, Interior Store

The doors used, made of solid wood with chromed metal inserts, in wenge finishes – were created especially for this apartment.

The whole Penthouse Mamaia North enjoys large glass surfaces, a spectacular terrace and a modern, modern and very comfortable layout!

terrace, Interior Store

balcony, Interior Store

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