Andrey Bezuglov Photography

Apartment with Charisma / Between the Walls

A charismatic personality usually combines several traits that could seemingly belong to entirely different people. It is the same with this interior - in its small area, it combines several different styles without any buffer zones or smooth transitions

3L Residences by Sofiia Zhurko Interiors & Architecture

The 3L Residences is an investment project of 3 standard one-storey private houses in a contemporary style, with an area of 300 sq. m, located in the picturesque village of Pliuty, Kyiv region

New Chalet by YOD Design Lab for Verholy Relax Park, Ukraine

YOD design lab has created a New Chalet for Verholy Relax Park, a recreational complex in the Poltava region of Ukraine. Chalet consists of three rooms with a shared living room and a guest lounge.

Gorgeous “Good Life” Private House by Bogdanova Bureau

Forest and city, nature and technology - they became the basics that architects of Bogdanova Bureau had taken to create a “Good Life” private house project. Natural wood in contrast to the cold marble slab are the main materials used in the interior.

Odessa Apartment / Bogdanova Bureau

Design project of the Odessa apartment has been developed at the end of 2014. After that we have been working on its realization avoiding bringing any changes into its original planning and design.

Relax House / FORM Bureau

Relax house with 94 m2 area, located in the suburbs of Kiev. This is the most quickly implemented project by FORM bureau - 4 months from foundation to the bulb. The author is Viktoriia Shkliar.

Stylish Monochrome One Bedroom Apartment in Kiev

This stylish monochrome one bedroom apartment is located in a new residential complex in the center of Kiev. The author of the interior is Victoria Shkliar, FORM Bureau.

Zen House by FORM Bureau

The Zen house is located in the suburbs of Kiev city, on the territory of a cottage village, surrounded by deciduous and pine forests. Customers invited the FORM Bureau to work with the interior.

Forest Family Home / FORM Bureau

Country house - Forest Family Home, Viktoriia Shkliar’s project, FORM Bureau. The task was to create a multifunctional house with a terrace of a total area 300 square meters.

Pushka Apartment in the Heart of Kiev

The Pushka apartment demonstrates a contemporary and concise approach to the architectural design. If you love monochrome interiors that contain numerous constructive elements, this place is a perfect match for you.

Industrial Studio Apartment in Kiev by 2B.Group Architects

This industrial studio apartment is located in the old Khrushchev building in the Solomensky district of Kiev and belongs to the photographer Andrey Bezuglov. This bold interior design was conceived by architects Slava Balbek and Anna Kruglova

Equilibrium Apartment by Sergey Makhno Architect

Architect: Sergey Makhno Architect Project: Equilibrium Apartment Location: Kiyv, Ukraine Area: 216 Sqm Photography: Andrey Bezuglov Sergey Makhno Architect has designed Equilibrium Apartment in 2015 for a business women. The...

7NebO Apartment Has a Cozy Lounge Atmosphere

Apartment 7NebO is an interior design project recently completed by Kiev-based FORM Architectural Bureau. Description by FORM: The owner of this interior travels a lot and...

Peace of Mind is the Topmost Idea of This Spectacular Duplex Apartment

Project: Spectacular Duplex Apartment Architects: FORM Bureau Authors of the project: Victoria Shkliar, Olga Antontseva Location: Kiev, Ukraine Completed 2015 Area is 180 m2 Photographer: Andrew Bezuglov and Sergey Gavrilov "Peace...

Dizaap Office: Bright Loft Space with Eclectic Interior Design

Project: Dizaap Office Architects: Sergey Makhno Architects Location: residential complex “Izumrudniy” Mekhanizatorskaya Street, building 2, Kyiv, Ukraine Artist: Vladimir Zadiraka Sculptor: Dmitriy Grek Furniture, paintings and decoration: Sergey Makhno Total...

Contemporary Style Apartment with a Bit of Industrial Rawness

Proving that a space needn’t have electrical wires or ducts hanging from the ceiling to be an expose on industrial style, a 250 square meter apartment in Kiev maintains a clean, contemporary style while inserting plenty of personality and a bit of industrial rawness around the edges.

KaiF Apartment by FORM Bureau

Project: KaiF apartment Architects: FORM Bureau Author: Victoriia Shkliar, Olga Antontseva Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Area: 120 m 2 Year: 2015 Photographers: Andrey Bezuglov Courtesy of FORM Bureau KaiF apartment is located in...