Hall + Merrick Photographers

Steve Hall and Nick Merrick, former principals and senior photographers from the renowned studio Hedrich Blessing, founded Hall + Merrick Photographers upon Hedrich Blessing’s closing in early 2017.
Hall + Merrick work from their long established tradition: masterfully presenting clients’ vision and design through interpretative, intelligent and graphically composed photographs. Their collaborative work process allows Hall + Merrick to provide architects and designers with unique project portfolios essential for awards, publication, and marketing.

Steve Hall – Chicago Studio, Chicago, Illinois 606184245 North Lincoln Ave, 1st Floor, steve@hallmerrick.com

Nick Merrick – Galisteo Studio, Galisteo, New Mexico 87540 P. 505.466.2238741 Camino Los Abuelos, nick@hallmerrick.com

Kendall McCaugherty – Chicago Studio: Chicago, Illinois 60618, 4245 North Lincoln Ave, 1st Floor, kendall@hallmerrick.com

LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois
LEARN MORE: hallmerrick.com

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