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About Nelson Garrido

Nelson Garrido, born in Portugal at 1974, has a degree in photography and journalism. One year of special studies in photography at Belgium school Karel de Grote-Hogescholl Antwerp.

Since 2002, develops a personal project that explores the urban and architectural influences on the city landscape. In 2006 is distinguished in the Euro Press Photo Awards organized by Fuji Film, wins the architectural section.

Since 2006 till the present he teaches architectural photography in Instituto Portugues de Fotografia.

Between several exhibitions, individual and collective, in 2011 he shows in Palácio das Artes, in Oporto, the work “From the desert to the underground” that shows the illegal immigration from Mauritania to Europe.

From 2012 after the crises hit Portugal, he starts a long term project working on the residential abandoned buildings.

This project called “Home Less” is presented in the 15th Biennale di Venezia.

Since 2008, starts to photograph projects for several architects, magazines and book editors all around the world.

LOCATION: Portugal

Origami Rock House , AGi Architects 1

Origami Rock House in Kuwait / AGi Architects

Origami Rock House is a single family house located on a corner plot of the residential district of Abdulla Al Salem, Kuwait. The concept stems from a controversial duality imposed by the clients need for complete privacy as well as the desire for distinguishing the house into an iconic building from within the neighborhood.

The Dovecote – Conversion of an Old Dovecote into a Play House

Architects: AZO – Sequeira Arquitectos Associados Project: The Dovecote Author: Mário Sequeira Team: Pedro Soares, Fátima Barroso, Jorge Vilela, João Alves Location: Soutelo, Portugal Area 54.0 m2 Photographs: Nelson Garrido The Dovecote is an old building transformed and renovated by AZO – Sequeira Arquitectos Associados in Soutelo, Portugal. Description by AZO: This is an emotional design.

Paiva Walkways Embraces the Paiva River Providing an Unique Experience

Architects: Trimetrica Project: Paiva Walkways Location: Rio Paiva, Arouca, Portugal Photographs: Nelson Garrido Paiva Walkways embraces the Paiva river with an extension of 8km, providing a walking path with a breathtaking natural beauty, with picturesque landscapes, waterfalls and a variety of fauna and flora species. This project is by Arouca municipality and engineer company Trimetrica. Check out these

Gateira Concrete House Designed in Harmony with Dramatic Landscape

Project: Gateira Concrete House Architects: Camarim Arquitectos Architecture: Vasco Correia and Patrícia Sousa Collaborated: Tiago Garrido, Jonas Grinevicius and Christoph Schwander Location: Gateira, Penela, Portugal Date: 2009 – 2014 Built Area: 403 mp Site Area: 2143 mp Photography: Nelson Garrido Lisbon-based Camarim Arquitectos has completed in 2014 Casa na Gateira. The Gateira concrete house is built

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