Wouter van der Sar Photography

Wouter van der Sar is a professional photographer of landscapes and architecture.
“As someone with an intense passion for both nature and architecture, I find myself in my deepest state of connection when in remote places outdoors and amidst designed interiors reflecting the creativity of the designer or architect. This – to be inspired by both nature and creative designs – is for me the best of both worlds.”

LOCATION: Zwolle, The Netherlands
LEARN MORE: woutervandersar.nl

Happyhappyjoyjoy Restaurant is Inspired by the Hectic Streets of Asia

Dutch studio Concrete has recently completed the Amsterdam based restaurant Happyhappyjoyjoy, a cheerful collection of colors and typical Asian flavors. The turbulent streets, rich flavors and bright colors of Asia, typical for cities like Bangkok, Saigon and Hong Kong, come together in Amsterdam. This playful design, organized eclectic chaos is inspired by the typical Asian

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