Residential ArchitectureApartmentsPink Room for Ava Designed by Sissy Marley LLC

Pink Room for Ava Designed by Sissy Marley LLC

Ava's pink room

At the customer’s request, this room was transformed by Sissy + Marley LLC into a special room for Ava, a 6 years old girl who loves very much pink. In this pink room, Ava will grow, therefore the designers chose chic furniture that will functional withstand over time. On the wall, beside the decors loved by children, there are two mirrors that any girl would enjoy.

A candy pink pouf, printed cotton rug, and framed Hermes scarf prints add punches of her must-have color.  Whimsical handmade pieces like fabric covered bird hooks and a linen inspiration board were hung to display her necklaces and hang her artwork.  The writing desk is perfect for project time and homework. I believe Ava is happy with her pink room!

Pink room for Ava by Sissy Marley LLC

room for Ava, by Sissy Marley LLC

room for Ava, by Sissy Marley LLC

room for Ava, by Sissy Marley LLC

Pink room for Ava, by Sissy Marley LLC

Ava's room

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