Residential ArchitectureApartmentsPizarro Suites, Costa Blanca, Spain / Yago Studio

Pizarro Suites, Costa Blanca, Spain / Yago Studio

Pizarro Suites, Costa Blanca, Spain / Yago Studio

Project: Pizarro Suites
Interior design: Elena Yago / Yago Studio
Location: Costa Blanca, Spain
Year: 2022
Photo Credits: Laura Soler

Interior design project for Pizarro Suites, a total of 8 rental apartments renovated from an old building from the 50s.

Pizarro Suites is a tourist apartment building that offers the newcomer the memory of an old place mixed perfectly with new designs and materials that provide great comfort to the stay, inspiring the traveler in his search for spaces with art without sacrificing quality and design.

Yago studio projects the interior design and branding deeply respecting unique pieces of the building with pieces designed exclusively by the studio itself. With a simple result and full of light.

Pizarro Suites, Costa Blanca, Spain / Yago Studio

The apartments are characterized by the exclusive way of replacing walls with pieces of lacquered iron and glass with shapes that recall the original period of the building, allowing light to pass through to expand the small spaces from ceiling to floor that give spaciousness to each apartment. Original walls are respected: wide curved walls and curved corners that are allowed to coexist with new straight walls.

kitchen, Yago Studio

More than 1,000 pieces of hydraulic flooring, restored one by one, are replaced in a different way from the original. With these pieces, a dividing line is created that starts from the front balconies of the building and subtly penetrates into the rooms below the curved areas of the building. These same pieces are used at the back of the building to cover the floors of entire rooms.

dining area, Yago Studio

These pieces are mixed with wood-effect porcelain flooring in a light tone and bone-colored handcrafted tiles and rough petra countertops. The kitchen base units are designed with antique lines and caramel-colored wood to contrast them with straight, lacquered wall units in the same off-white tone as the paint.

kitchen, Yago Studio

The doors are chosen high and without visible frames, recalling the original height of the building, and they are lacquered in an off-white tone like the rest of the carpentry. Retro-illuminated heads with warm light are designed and manufactured that draw a decorative line in all rooms. In the apartment distribution area, moldings are applied and are allowed to pass over the doors, superimposing a circular mirror that illuminates the entrance in a subtle way and create an elegant atmosphere.

Pizarro Suites, Costa Blanca, Spain / Yago Studio

The Suite:
On the top floor, a unique and elegant space has been created by converting an old dovecote into the main suite of the building. The highlight is the restoration of the ceiling that has been left as it was found, respecting the brick and wooden beams even in their color. A new skin is added to the entire backlit room to achieve an effect of suspension from the roof and to respectfully separate the new from the old. The room is distributed with a night area with office and bed, a water area with hydromassage and shower. In addition, it is possible to locate the toilet in an area with natural ventilation. The most interesting thing about the room is the atmosphere achieved through indirect light and punctual light with a warm tone that invites you to stay inside the room to spend a romantic and quiet evening.

balcony, Yago Studio

Common Areas and Facade:
The flooring of the stairs is made of original marble from the building, as well as the skirting board, which is a porcelain tile with green and white waters. The original handrail of the stairs is restored to leave it as it was, as well as the entrance door, which is restored looking for the original tint that it no longer preserved due to the passage of time. All the rooms in the building have been painted with the same original off-white color as the old walls and that same color has been applied to the façade, covering the original burgundy caravan and adding floral moldings to the balconies.

Pizarro Suites, Costa Blanca, Spain / Yago Studio

bedroom, Yago Studio

suite, Yago Studio

bathroom, Yago Studio

Pizarro Suites, Costa Blanca, Spain / Yago Studio

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