Cozy and Chic: Rare Earth Apartment by AB Design

Cozy and Chic: Rare Earth Apartment by AB Design

Project Name: Rare Earth Apartment
Interior Design: AB Design
Principal Architect/Designer: Aanchhal Bhuwalka
Location: Kolkata, India
Area: 1200 sqft
Date of Completion: Dec, 2023
Photography Credits: Noaidwin Studio
Vendor Details: Soft Furnishing – Packman; Loose Furniture – Wzor Design; Art – Artemist, Nimrat Kaur; Rug – Jaipur Rugs; Wallpaper – Glamora; Lights – Marici

Though compact compared to typical residences in Kolkata, Rare Earth Apartment by AB Design showcases a beautifully designed small home. The client gave no specific brief regarding the look and feel, trusting Aanchhal Bhuwalka’s expertise to create an appealing and clean space. Aanchhal’s signature style focuses on a clutter-free environment with just the right amount of furniture, ensuring ample breathing space.

Design Approach
Given the location within a large housing complex with limited views of other high-rises or the parking lot, the design turned inward to create eye-catching nooks. Aanchhal opted for a modern-contemporary style, selecting key elements to build around. The common areas feature a neutral color palette, with bold wallpapers acting as wall art to add a touch of color to the living room, complemented by the dining room chandelier.

Special Features
A unique challenge was incorporating a mandir within the space constraints. Following vastu principles, the mandir was strategically placed in the north-east corner of the dining area, seamlessly integrated into the design to avoid standing out. The passageway was adorned with black and white art prints, adding a touch of elegance.

Personal Spaces
Each bedroom was tailored to the occupant’s age and taste. The parents’ room boasts a classical look, while the daughter’s room is vibrant and colorful. The master bedroom features a plush design with a dramatic bed and a grand end-to-end headboard, extending the rich look to the master bathroom.

Kitchen Design
The kitchen posed a challenge due to its small size. This was addressed by extending the space into the living room. Aanchhal chose a ceramic finish for the shutters for easy maintenance and used a neutral color palette to keep the space breathable. Quartz countertops enhanced the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

Final Impression
Despite its compact size, Rare Earth Apartment has come together as a comfortable and warm home that is both welcoming and visually pleasing. The use of materials like marble, quartz, and ceramic, subtly highlighted by spectacular light fittings, adds to the charm of this thoughtfully designed residence.

dining area

dining area, Cozy and Chic: Rare Earth Apartment by AB Design

living room

living room


bedroom, Cozy and Chic: Rare Earth Apartment by AB Design


bedroom, Cozy and Chic: Rare Earth Apartment by AB Design

master bedroom, Cozy and Chic: Rare Earth Apartment by AB Design

bathroom, Rare Earth Apartment by AB Design

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