VC Residence: Minimalist Architecture and Japanese Design

living room, minimalist Japanese design

Project: VC Residence
Architecture: Lim +Lu
Lead Designer: Vincent Lim
Design Team: Vincent Lim, Dixon Loh, Eric Xue, Hao Qian Yu, Liu Ting Ting
Location: The Peak, Hong Kong
Area: 120 m2
Year: 2023
Photo Credits: Common Studio

VC Residence, the latest project by Lim + Lu in Hong Kong, exemplifies the perfect blend of minimalist architecture and subtle Japanese design elements. This 1300 sqft apartment, which underwent a comprehensive renovation, radiates a quiet elegance with meticulous attention to detail and a unified theme throughout the space.

Unified Vision

The client’s architectural background and shared educational history with Vincent inspired the design of VC Residence. Leveraging their common design experiences, Lim + Lu crafted a space that mirrors the client’s tastes and aspirations. Consequently, their collaborative approach resulted in a tranquil, relaxed environment, refined by Lim + Lu’s expertise and sophisticated design sensibilities.

Architectural Features

Plaster portal frames enhance various parts of VC Residence. These frames add a touch of architectural elegance, serving both as structural supports and aesthetic focal points. Furthermore, they create depth and visual intrigue, encouraging a seamless flow from one room to another. By removing walls, Lim + Lu formed a continuous, looping path throughout the apartment.

Natural Materials and Serenity

The materials selected for VC Residence highlight the beauty of natural elements such as warm wood, delicate rattan, and textured plaster. The combination of these materials fosters a serene connection with nature, imbuing the apartment with a sense of calm and tranquility.

Subtle Japanese Influences

Inspired by the client’s love for Japanese aesthetics, Lim + Lu thoughtfully integrated subtle Japanese design elements into the apartment. For instance, large Japanese-style sliding doors with clean lines and simple elegance subtly divide the spaces while maintaining a fluid and cohesive flow. Additionally, the client’s choice to import a Japanese bathtub adds a luxurious touch to the bathroom.

Functional and Airy Layout

The layout of VC Residence maximizes both functionality and openness. The minimalist architectural style ensures that each element stands out, contributing to a bright and airy ambiance. Thus, this design approach beautifully encapsulates the shared vision of the client and Lim + Lu, creating a space that merges architectural precision with understated luxury.

In summary, VC Residence demonstrates how minimalist design can harmoniously combine with Japanese elements to create a serene, elegant home that reflects the sophisticated tastes and lifestyle of its inhabitants.

living room, minimalist Japanese design

VC Residence by Lim + Lu, minimalist Japanese design

dining room, minimalist Japanese design

dining room, minimalist Japanese design


bedroom, comprehensive renovation, VC residence


bathroom, comprehensive renovation, VC Residence

VC Residence by Lim + Lu


bathroom, comprehensive renovation

VC Residence by Lim + Lu, comprehensive renovation

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