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Renovation of an Apartment in Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Renovation of an Apartment in Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Project: Sola House / Apartment in Puerta del Sol
Architecture: gon architects (Gonzalo Pardo)
Team: Carol Linares, María Cecilia Cordero, Cristina Ramirez, Iván Rando, Kostís Toulgaridis
Construction: Serviteco Obras s.l
Carpentry: Cortizo, Velux (ventana de tejado)
Kitchen: Barronkress s.l
Metal work: Rótulos Argoneón S.L.U.
Lighting: Oliva iluminación
Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2021
Built area: 40m2
Photography: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)
Text by gon architects

Living alone is a common form of domesticity that has been increasing in European cities that responds to a new social organization that is typical of the most developed cultures, which has consequences on the traditional’ ways of living. This argument is the starting point of the reform of a 40 m2 apartment located near the Puerta del Sol that, Dany, a retired French woman living in Paris, with two grown children, a lover of tango, wine and technology, and fascinated by Madrid, acquires to live alone and settle in at different times of the year.

dining area, gon architects

kitchen, gon architects


Instead of the idea of separated rooms and corridors, as it was in the original house, this small and individual pied à terre is projected and organized as a single room where the entire domestic program, no matter public or private, is connected by a gray porcelain floor. The most emblematic feature of this house is a chest-cabinet lacquered in a blue RAL 5005 that adapts like a glove to the space and is located in the heart of the house; it contains and brings together the storage of the house and hides inside a secret room: the bathroom. This space for the care and maintenance of the body is naturally illuminated and visually connected to the bedroom through a large interior window that changes its opacity according to the privacy needed at different moments.

living room, gon architects

Renovation of an Apartment in Puerta del Sol, Madrid

floor plan

Dany’s house seeks to be a good house for a good life,alone or with someone. A home that’s expanded in the city and augmented through the network; rich in details and that, in very few square meters, has the ability to adapt to different space-time situations: from meeting with friends, inviting her children for a season or simply enjoying the space alone; the house is an optimistic and contemporary urban refuge where to live the Madrid dream: dressed in red, within a space and with objects that look like they came out of an Almodóvar movie.

Renovation of an Apartment in Puerta del Sol, Madrid

bedroom, gon architects

Renovation of an Apartment in Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Renovation of an Apartment in Puerta del Sol, Madrid

shower, gon architects

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