Rolls Circus Cafe / ALLARTSDESIGN

Rolls Circus Cafe , ALLARTSDESIGN

Project name: Rolls Circus
Design company: ALLARTSDESIGN
Designer: Saranin Artemy
Project location: Uralskaya 111, Perm, Ural, Russia
Area: 1130ft²
Completion date: 2018
Photographer: Saranin Artemy

In the Urals (Perm), an updated cafe ROLLS CIRCUS has opened. Over the interior worked studio ALLARTSDESIGN (designer Artemy Saranin). The institution is located on the 1st floor and covers an area of 1130ft².

Rolls Circus Cafe , ALLARTSDESIGN 2

The cafe itself consists of two rectangles with large stained glass windows. On the ceiling, we simulated beams and hardwood floors. Each hall is located at its height – in order not to make one big staircase, the designer proposed to make successive changes in height – with podiums. The interior has a bar and a standard fit. The main colors were the natural colors of wood, brick, stone, supported in contrast to the clean and white hermetic tile ornament.

Rolls Circus Cafe , ALLARTSDESIGN 2

Roll’s is a network of cozy urban fashion cafes and delivery service. An impressive assortment of over 150 dishes on the menu meets the needs of urban gourmets. Thai, Japanese, Italian, American, Mexican, Russian, Georgian cuisine. The style and atmosphere of the fashion café allow even the most selective aesthetes to step back from everyday life. A party after the opening immediately attracted guests who are currently guests of the Rolls cafe chain.

Rolls Circus Cafe , ALLARTSDESIGN 3

Rolls Circus Cafe , ALLARTSDESIGN 4

Rolls Circus Cafe , ALLARTSDESIGN 5

Rolls Circus Cafe , ALLARTSDESIGN 6

Rolls Circus Cafe , ALLARTSDESIGN 7

Rolls Circus Cafe , ALLARTSDESIGN 9

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