Rosario House in Porto / depA Architects and Margarida Leitao

Rosario House in Porto

Rosario House is a building with five apartments renovated and modernized by depA Architects in collaboration with Margarida Leitão. This apartments, set on a 19th century building has been totally recovered while maintaining some of its past characteristics.

From the architect: Rosario house had almost everything. A comfortable scale , an appealing compositional structure and a captivating atmosphere. The big challenge was to keep its domestic spirit, refraining from a big design or a deep intervention.

Rosario House in Porto 1

Located on Porto’s Arts District, one of the most central and dynamic locations in the city, the building, once inhabited by a single family was divided over time and came to accommodate multiple families on the three floors of the 307, Rosario Street. Like many other buildings in Porto, this one became an assemblage of homes.

Rosario House in Porto 2

Today the house mirrors the diversity found in Porto’s contemporary cosmopolitanism, gathering under its roof a family that has been in the building for 63 years, and two architects who have fallen in love for the city.

Rosario House in Porto 4

The house was divided in five studios set on a 19th century building, designed so that both families or groups of friends can be accommodated comfortably in a creative and familiar environment.

Architects: depA , Margarida Leitão
Project: Rosalio House
Location: Porto, Portugal
Area: 400.0 sqm
Project Year 2016
Photography: José Campos

Rosario House in Porto 3

Rosario House in Porto 5

Rosario House in Porto 6

Rosario House in Porto 7

Rosario House in Porto 8

Rosario House in Porto 9

Rosario House in Porto 10

Rosario House in Porto 11

Rosario House in Porto 12

Rosario House in Porto 13

Rosario House in Porto 14

Rosario House in Porto 15

Rosario House in Porto 16

Rosario House in Porto 17

Rosario House in Porto 18

Rosario House in Porto 19

Rosario House in Porto 20

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