Product DesignHorizontal Integrated Siphon, Innovative Design for the Bathroom

Horizontal Integrated Siphon, Innovative Design for the Bathroom


The unaesthetic of the old sink siphon may become history soon, the possible replacement option is represented by the horizontal integrated siphon in the sink. The solution has been patented and it belongs to Luca Maccagnan, founder of Axolute Brand.

Coming from a family that owns a plumbing business more than 40 years, Luca Maccagnan, the young inventor has directed his creative efforts to get a product that would give an important addition of innovative design and functionality to the bathroom furniture. Axolute is a company that bases its growth on innovative and practical value of a single product, respectively Horizontal Integrated Siphon HIS®.

Horizontal Integrated Siphon

Applied on the bottom side of the sink, HIS siphon improves the design and functionality, creating an aesthetic dominated by geometry. Practically, the siphon is invisible, being perfectly integrated in the bottom part of the sink. The sink is equipped with a putty attachmentthat allows a fast and accurate installation. Despite the reduced depth of the basin, the water does not splash, due to the characteristics of the material and to an imperceptible convexity. The sinks are not equipped with central drain hole and the water flows through a micro slot located in the front edge of the sink. The water drains faster through this slot and the drainage efficiency is higher than at the conventional siphons. The Siphon can be installed also at the shower pipes, and the increased margins of these pipes with a few millimeters, ensure us the fact that the pipes will not clog. We can say that Luca Maccagnan invention is worthy of the science fiction area. However, looking at the images of these sinks, you wonder where the water disappears and you feel like everything is an illusion.

Horizontal Integrated Siphon

Horizontal Integrated Siphon

Horizontal Integrated Siphon

Horizontal Integrated Siphon

Horizontal Integrated Siphon

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