Slot House in London / AU Architects

Slot House in London

Slot House by AU Architects remodels a London end of-terrace house through the introduction of natural light, volume and the visual connection of new spaces with the existing.

AUA has remodeled an end of terraced house to provide a greater and more free flowing accommodation for a family. The design brief was one of simplicity and complete functionality while maintaining an underlining warmth a house should infuse. Visual connectivity both inside and out were also drivers in the building’s rear ground floor form.

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The driving concept behind this design was for there to be a clear visual connection between the ground and new basement playroom. With open plan living now the norm in the modern era of residential space planning one has to balance this large volume of space with a scale that instills a feeling of warmth.

Slot House in London 2

By creating 3 distinct rooms of Basement play; Front ground living & Rear ground kitchen / dining on 3 different levels, we have achieved a sense of scale and intimacy whilst visually linking each through an open stairs design.

Slot House in London 3

Furthermore, the use of large syklights and the positioning of new windows to the extension filter light where needed whilst providing glimpses of the outside that serve the new basement. The combination of distinct rooms, natural light and a visual connection between these spaces, both inside and out, makes for a warm and open living space.

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