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Ivanhoe House / Technē Architecture and Interior Design

Ivanhoe House by Techne

Ivanhoe House is a single-family home designed by Melbourne-based Technē Architecture and Interior Design. The brief was to create a contemporary new build family home. The house features a split level arrangement enabling it to nestle carefully into the sloping landscape.

The entrance hall in the centre of the house, the ‘spine’ of the house, creates a central circulation space from which the living spaces branch off. The hall mimics an external space; the external charcoal standing seam cladding wraps down one of the predominant walls, whilst the external bluestone pavers, run from the outside into the space. Planter boxes are integrated into the space further creating this external garden like experience.

Ivanhoe House by Techne 1

Contrasting from this darkness, the living spaces that open up off the central spine are light, soft and gentle. Light oak flooring, crisp white walls and ceilings create a soft backdrop while grey tundra marble benchtops within the joinery throughout add texture and form. The spaces created are almost understated; addressing the need from the clients for clean, highly functional, and beautiful spaces which will accommodate their family of seven whilst also not detracting from the beautifully framed landscapes that adorn each view.

Architects: Technē Architecture and Interior Design
Project: Ivanhoe House
Stylist: Lucy Bock
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Photography: Tom Blachford

Ivanhoe House by Techne 2

Ivanhoe House by Techne 3

living room by Techne 4

Ivanhoe House by Techne 5

kitchen by Techne 6

Ivanhoe House by Techne 7

home office by Techne 8

bedroom by Techne 9

bathroom by Techne 10

bathroom by Techne 12

Ivanhoe House by Techne 13

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