Suitree Experience Hotel / Studio Saxe

jungle pods
Suitree Experience Hotel.

Project: Suitree Experience Hotel
Architecture: Studio Saxe
Interior Design: Nosara Design Pauline Steenkamer
Landscape: Vida Design Studio
Location: Sardinal de Carrillo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Are: 921 m2
Year: 2022
Photo Credits: Danta Collective

Jungle pods emerge from Costa Rica’s landscape and float over the mountains.

Overview. Our clients brought to Studio Saxe a unique vision: to create a distinct canopy-based guest experience. This design was not only intended to provide expansive views of the horizon and mountains but also to offer an immersive opportunity for guests to appreciate the flourishing life found within the canopy layers of Costa Rica’s vibrant jungles.


“As children, our treehouse was a place of mystery and magic, where we kept our deepest secrets and cherished the most memorable moments. It was our sanctuary, a place to escape the stress and worries of the world and reconnect with our true selves. Suitree Experience Hotel has a modern take on this timeless idea, providing a serene and peaceful space to disconnect and rediscover your inner peace.” – The Client

Suitree Experience Hotel / Studio Saxe

Concept. Inspired by the traditional concept of treehouses, we dove deep into understanding the unique topographical and geological conditions of the site for our design of the Suitree Experience Hotel. We’ve created tree-inspired pods, floating over the landscape, using a strong metal framework covered with natural wood. This design integrates stability with harmony, crafting a sustainable experience that respects and enhances its surrounding environment.

Suitree Experience Hotel / Studio Saxe

Design. In our quest to merge human living spaces with the natural world, we envision architecture not as an imposition on the landscape, but rather as a seamless extension of it. Our design philosophy revolves around the principle of ‘floating architecture,’ where structures do not disturb the existing ecosystem but instead coexist and symbiotically interact with it.

Suitree Experience Hotel / Studio Saxe

A central staircase ties the floating pods to the earth, merging internal and external terraces with the verdant surroundings. The gently undulating edges of the pods echo the organic forms of the forest, reflecting a natural symbiosis.

Suitree Experience Hotel / Studio Saxe

Sustainability. The concept of floating pods was birthed from our commitment to tread lightly on the earth. These structures hover gracefully above the landscape, allowing nature to flow uninterrupted beneath them and around them. Rainwater and local biodiversity move freely, ensuring the built structure coexists with the ecosystem. During construction, every tree was preserved, and each pod is designed to independently harvest water, contributing to a larger sustainable water management system.

These structures not only offer an immersive experience for inhabitants but also actively contribute to sustainability, symbolizing our respect for and commitment to the preservation of the natural environment.

Suitree Experience Hotel / Studio Saxe Construction. We employed innovative construction techniques, incorporating off-site prefabrication to minimize the impact on the property and the existing trees. This not only ensured quick and efficient assembly but also demonstrated a unique respect for the natural surroundings. Four robust supports lend each pod structural and seismic stability while creating the illusion of an organism gently treading on the landscape. This ‘living, moving’ structure further embodies the harmony between architecture and nature.


Suitree Experience Hotel / Studio Saxe



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