If you desire to turn your wall into a beautiful garden

urbio - turn your wall into a beautiful garden

Urbio is the result of the collaboration between designers Beau Oyler, Jared Aller and the Enlisted Design team. Recognized for their useful and interesting creations, these designers have won numerous awards throughout time. What is Urbio? Well, Urbio may be a magnetically modular garden but also an organizer wall, home or office. You can simply attach the backplates on your wall depending on what arrangement you desire and then attach the containers anywhere you want on the grill.

Urbio vessels are made of partially recycled BPA-free polypropylene materials and are equipped with some extremely strong neodymium magnets.The wall plates are made of steel with high iron content, which makes them an ideal surface for the magnetic vessels. The wall plates come with a plastic mounting bracket and screws. You screw each corner of the mounting bracket into the wall and the metal plate snaps on over it. The plate has little hooks at the top and a tab at the bottom so it snaps snug over the bracket. Urbio is very useful and it can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, garage and office or living space. In these vessels you can plant flowers and transform the cold wall into a beautiful garden. Also, you can use them as an organizer wall for requisites at the office or, why not, in the baby’s room. These vessels are wonderful to valorize your wall!

urbio - turn your wall into a beautiful garden / organizer wall

urbio - office

urbio - turn your wall into a beautiful garden/ organizer wall

urbio - turn your wall into a beautiful garden / organizer wall urbio- turn your wall into a beautiful gardenurbio - turn your wall into a beautiful garden11

urbio home

growing-guide urbio - turn your wall into a beautiful garden

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