Destudio Arquitectura

living room

Casa Cavanilles / Destudio Arquitectura

Designed with light as the protagonist and wrapped in a halo of harmony that covers every corner, Casa Cavanilles and its more than 200 m2 of surface have allowed to create a space that invites to share and live in family.

Casa Roig, Valencia / Destudio Arquitectura

Casa Roig, Valencia / Destudio Arquitectura

The new proposal of Casa Roig housing is based on the premise of putting in value a harmonious balance between elegance and modernity. Therefore, the integral reform of this project has been the challenge of giving personality and character to the whole house.

living room, Destudio Arquitectura

Casa Landete, Valencia / Destudio Arquitectura

Casa Landete was born as a home renovation project and exudes harmony, elegance and modernity in each of its rooms. Walking through this emblematic house of the Valencian Ensanche represents the union of classic and renovated,

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