Broad Cove Residence by Briburn

Broad Cove Residence by Briburn

Broad Cove Residence is a mid-century split level ranch expanded and modernized to support open concept living, and energy efficiency. A full renovation with multiple additions was envisioned, with goals for increased space, energy efficiency, sustainability, and modern aesthetics.

Morro Chico Ranch by RDR architectes

Morro Chico Ranch by RDR Architectes

The Morro Chico Ranch is located within continental Argentinian Patagonia, at the southern border with Chile. Its history is mixed up with the saga of the first colonists in the region.

Lefty Ranch by Carney Logan Burke Architects

Lefty Ranch by CLB Architects

Nestled perfectly between the Snake River and valley proper — with panoramic views of the Tetons to the west and north and Gros Ventre mountains to the east — Lefty Ranch speaks directly to the pond it borders, as well as the big timber and historic corrals that dot its 35 acres.

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