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Broad Cove Residence by Briburn

Broad Cove Residence by Briburn

Project name: Broad Cove Residence
Architects: Briburn
Design Team: Harry Hepburn, Alyssa Keating (Alumna), Leen Hariri, Sam Day
Contractor: Vindle Builders
Partners/ Consultants: Becker Structural Engineers/Thornton Tomasetti, BuildingWorks
Location: Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Project Year: 2016/2021
Project Size: 3,200/3,800 sq. ft.
Photo Credits: Erin Little

Broad Cove Residence is a mid-century split level ranch expanded and modernized to support open concept living, and energy efficiency.

A full renovation with multiple additions was envisioned, with goals for increased space, energy efficiency, sustainability, and modern aesthetics. To minimize the construction schedule, and the construction cost, work was divided into two phases.

entry hall, Briburn

Phase one completed in 2016 consisted of a new welcoming two story entrance, mudroom, new two car garage, existing garage converted to art/exercise room, a large family room, and a large outdoor deck facing south.

living room, Briburn

Phase two scheduled for construction in 2021 includes improvements to the building envelope and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, as required for improved health, comfort, and energy efficiency. In addition, the existing bedrooms and bathrooms are being renovated and expanded, and a new third floor will be added with a primary bedroom suite which includes a spacious bedroom, walk-in closet, and bathroom.

living room, Briburn

Passive solar design, sustainable materials, and improved connection to nature

The building orientation was ideal for passive solar. The front, facing the street, is the northside, and the rear, facing a large back yard, and Broad Cove in the distance, faces south. New windows and doors were installed in the south facing facade for all existing and new spaces, bringing in copious amounts of natural daylighting, and strengthening the connection to the back yard. Natural materials were used throughout – recycled wood on the interior, and thermally modified wood on the exterior, creating a warm contrast to the white walls and long lasting durable exteriors.

dining area, Briburn

Broad Cove Residence by Briburn

Broad Cove Residence by Briburn

Broad Cove Residence by Briburn

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