Taipei Small Apartment by Ganna Studio

Taipei Small Apartment by Ganna Studio

Designer: Ganna Studio
Project: Taipei Small Apartment
Location: Taiwan
Area: 34 sqm
Photography: MW Photo Inc

Description by  designer: Cursive from Cloud Gate Dance Theater, “One of the finest dance group in the world.” –credit by The Globe and Mail, is performed by dancers’ body motion to present the exquisite calligraphy. The Chinese character “永” can best reveal the skilful of the calligrapher.

Taipei Small Apartment by Ganna Studio 1

The concept of layout in this project is generated from this Chinese character “永”. The arc in the living room is like the last stroke of this word, presenting the dynamic relationship between common areas and private rooms. Different from the traditional separation wall, the arc in the living room widens the visual perception and natural illumination in the common area. The different colors used in the common area are analogous to different brush letterings that present the beauty of character in Chinese calligraphy.

Taipei Small Apartment by Ganna Studio 2

Even the bookcase and the wardrobe design are generated from the 3*3 magic square paper that is used for practice calligraphy. In order to take the storage function and visual beauty in to consideration at the same time, the grid design helps to store and display different books and collections. The frame used on the wardrobe is red for red is always a preferred color that present the joyfulness. Besides, cloudy glass is chosen as the separation between the wardrobe and the bedroom, and the glass can show different lines and colors while clothes in different seasons are hanged in the wardrobe, presenting a hazy beauty link it is in ink painting. Spring is the theme of daughter room. Spring is a beautiful blossom season that can well represent a energetic young girl and so wall and cabinets in the daughter room are decorated with pink and flowers.

Taipei Small Apartment by Ganna Studio 4

Taipei Small Apartment by Ganna Studio 5

Taipei Small Apartment by Ganna Studio 3

Taipei Small Apartment by Ganna Studio 6

Taipei Small Apartment by Ganna Studio 7

Taipei Small Apartment by Ganna Studio 9

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