Residential ArchitectureSmall apartmentsSlow Hill, A Nude Palette Slow-Living Micro Apartment

Slow Hill, A Nude Palette Slow-Living Micro Apartment

Slow Hill, A Nude Palette Slow-Living Micro Apartment

Project: slow-living micro apartment
Interior Design: Co+in Collaborative Lab
Designer: Nico Andriano
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Year of completion: 2021
Project size: 25 sqm
Photography: Co+in Collaborative Lab

This 25sqm studio apartment is located in the center of the business district in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, where most of the city’s foreign embassies and the tallest skyscrapers are located in the area.

Slow Hill, A Nude Palette Slow-Living Micro Apartment

Having limited space to accommodate the needs to live and work and the same, the owner commissioned the local design studio Co+in Collaborative Lab to come up with a tailored design solution for the apartment to fulfill all basic living functions and adaptive with a remote work lifestyle.

Slow Hill, A Nude Palette Slow-Living Micro Apartment

The main design challenge is to create generous storage spaces to avoid the visual clutter of the small-size apartment. Within the enclosed space, the client also wants to have a multifunction space that allows the space to transform into a home office within a few seconds.

Slow Hill, A Nude Palette Slow-Living Micro Apartment


It consists of a foyer, a fully equipped kitchen, a wardrobe, a dressing table that works as a stair as well as a kitchen extension, a living area/guest area/dining/home office, main bed area, and bathroom.

Slow Hill, A Nude Palette Slow-Living Micro Apartment

A multifunction platform that serves many functional spaces of the apartment is the key element of the design. The main bed platform acts as the center of the activities, to sleep, to study, to work, to dress up, and to hide things. On a daily basis, The Hidden table and the cabinet function as a home office with the current remote working condition. When there is a guest over, the sofa can be turned to bed quickly, and the stairs can act as an extra sitting area. The Wall ledge is equipped with a moveable shelf and hook to enable the owner to swap things as needed.

Slow Hill, A Nude Palette Slow-Living Micro Apartment

This Slow-Living Micro Apartment is filled with a calming, muted, nude palette that contrast the surrounding busy area, a calming minimalist home. Terrazzo pattern solid surfaces are used throughout heavy-duty such as kitchen top, backsplash, and stair, an easy-clean material as well as to bring some a hint of pattern to the apartment.

Slow Hill, A Nude Palette Slow-Living Micro Apartment

floor plan

To visually connect the apartment, the cabinetry is highlighted with a slightly darker shade vertical lining detail of the main timber structure, with an additional fluted panel profile to make the room look much taller. The multifunctional wall ledge in the marble motif also helps to put a perception of a deeper room with the bold horizontal lining. The design is softened with rounded shape features throughout the apartment that wrap the custom cabinetry. In addition, to help the space look much more spacious, The TV timber structure is slightly bent at 3 degrees, to visually avoid the cramped storage area look of the whole apartment.

bedroom, Co+in Collaborative Lab

kitchen, Co+in Collaborative Lab

bathroom, Co+in Collaborative Lab

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