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Tent House / Chris Tate Architecture

Tent House

Located in Waiheke Island, New Zealand, the Tent house is a small home designed by Chris Tate Architecture. Set in bush and bounded on three sides by roads and a wetland, the site was challenging. The tent-like structure of the house responds to those restrictions in a daring and dynamic way. The sharply raking ridgeline and soaring soffit reference the tent experience in an architecturally elegant way.

Inside, the complex interplay of angles creates an energised feeling of space that belies the modest floorplan. A lack of walls and doors generates a compact but continuous space for living. This is enhanced by the full-height glazing on the north face, which draws in the deck and the wetland bush beyond. Overall, the “Tent House” is an embodiment of the complex rendered simple and the modest rendered sublime.

Architects: Chris Tate Architecture
Project: Chris Tate Architecture
Location: Waiheke Island, New Zealand
Photographs: Simon Devitt Photographer

Tent House 1

Tent House 2

Tent House 3

Tent House 4

Tent House 5

Tent House 6

Tent House 7

Tent House 8

Tent House 9

Tent House 10

Tent House 11

Tent House 12

Tent House 13

Tent House 14

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