Residential ArchitectureApartmentsThe Furnished Void Apartment in Eixample, Barcelona

The Furnished Void Apartment in Eixample, Barcelona

The Furnished Void Apartment

Architecture and interior design: Egue y Seta
Project: “ The furnished Void ”
Collaborators: Daniel Pérez & Felipe Araujo
Location: C/ Villadomat 73, Barcelona
Completion date: 2016
Renovated area: 70sqm
Building contractor: Obres i Serveis Habitat S.L.
Photography: Vicugo Foto

The Furnished Void is a warm and bright apartment completed in 2016 by Spanish studio Egue y Seta.  The apartment, designed for a young family, has an area of 70 square meters and is located in Barcelona’s Eixample district.

From the architect: It wasn’t only paint, but textures, furniture, and the constant movement of those who inhabit this flat in Barcelona’s Eixample what has been placed over a deep and spotless white background that opens itself onto the streams of light entering through the windows.

The Furnished Void Apartment 1

A cosy void, functionally resolved to house and give prominence to a small but interesting collection of pieces of furniture, art and literature curated by its young owners: an dark haired industrial designer and his fair skinned language teacher wife. However, the most valuable they have “acquired”, over the years and between the two, are not the original prints hanging on the walls or the contemporary classics of industrial design that dot the monochromatic amplitude of these newly integrated spaces: The authentic and unquestionable “star” of their universe will have to be no other but Joaquim, their son, who in just about 4 years has managed to colonize every room of the house with a whole lot of “stuff” that is doubtlessly less expensive but certainly a lot more colourful, resistant and fun.

The Furnished Void Apartment 2

The time to design toy-proof homes had arrived, and though designing for fellow designers can certainly be tricky, this time it entailed also a sense of playfulness and lots of fun, allowing us to question the leading role of the built surrounding within the domestic realm, while posing the opportunity to raise questions that, as those of the children, might result uncomfortable: Can the “oh-so-sacred architecture” be a mere backdrop behind the “true starring design objects”? How can the background become the figure while remaining at the “back”? The answers to the above are so clear, practical and simple as this house: Yes!, a bright, neat and comfortable backdrop, that through the random admission of powerful splashes of colour, becomes the object, the frame or the background depending on the occasion, the aim and the focus the viewer chooses to use.

The Furnished Void Apartment 3

The Furnished Void Apartment 4

The Furnished Void Apartment 5

The Furnished Void Apartment 6

The Furnished Void Apartment 7

The Furnished Void Apartment 8

The Furnished Void Apartment 9

The Furnished Void Apartment 10

The Furnished Void Apartment 11

The Furnished Void Apartment 12

The Furnished Void Apartment 13

The Furnished Void Apartment 14

The Furnished Void Apartment 15

The Furnished Void Apartment 16

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