The Glade Residence / DLM Architects

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The Glade Residence, DLM Architects

Architects: DLM Architects
Project: The Glade Residence
Architect in Charge: David De La Mare
Location: Guernsey Island- English Channel
Area: 300.0 m2
Year 2017
Photography: Peter Landers

The brief was to create an energy efficient and sustainable new build family home on a densely planted site in St Peter Port, Guernsey. Due to a number of protected trees and the high quality of the natural landscape within an urban setting, the site was heavily restricted by the planning department.

The Glade Residence, DLM Architects 2

The solution was a building designed to minimise overlooking to and from neighbouring properties, maximising natural light and solar gain, whilst avoiding the numerous root protection areas of the surrounding trees and maintaining a proportionate footprint to previous development on the site.

The Glade Residence, DLM Architects 2

The Glade residence is sunk into the topography of the site, within a clearing in the trees, hence the name ‘The Glade’. A large basement utilises existing site excavation, with the ground floor enclosed in Guernsey granite sourced on site, with highlights or natural lime render at openings.

The Glade Residence, DLM Architects 3

The east side is cantilevered over and entirely clad as a living wall with over 4000 plants, camouflaged in the surrounding tree canopy and providing a thermal, acoustic and pollution buffer.

The Glade Residence, DLM Architects 4

It reflects the character of the overall site; surrounded by high granite walls with mature vegetation above.

The Glade Residence, DLM Architects 5

A double height glazed void provides vertical circulation linking the buildings. It offers open plan living, with vertical connections and a direct relationship to external spaces, whilst delivering intimate pockets between.

The Glade Residence, DLM Architects 6

A natural and contrasting pallet has been selected throughout, locally reclaimed brick washed with lime slurry, raw pigment plasters over grey limestone floors, machined brass ironmongery against washed oak joinery, a bespoke raw steel staircase and furnishings.

The Glade Residence, DLM Architects 7

Where possible local materials and fabrication is used to deliver a soft traditional character within a contemporary envelope.

The Glade Residence, DLM Architects 8

The Glade Residence, DLM Architects 9

The Glade Residence, DLM Architects 10

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