The Lutum Home: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity by Crafted Spaces

The Lutum Home / Crafted Spaces

Project Name: The Lutum Home
Interior Design: Crafted Spaces
Principal architect: Mitali Aharam
Location: Hyderabad, India
Area: 3500 sft
Project completion date: August 2023
Photo credits: Studio suryan//dang

The Lutum Home, designed by Crafted Spaces in Hyderabad, India, exemplifies a harmonious blend of traditional Indian motifs with modern, minimalist design principles. Located on the 6th floor of a building in Film Nagar, this 3500 square foot apartment offers stunning views of the city and serves as a serene oasis amidst urban life. The term “Lutum,” meaning clay in Latin, reflects the home’s earthy aesthetic and the flexibility of clay as a material, symbolizing warmth and natural color.

Design Inspiration
Drawing from Indian cultural heritage, the designers have curated pieces that tell a story and evoke a sense of history. The furniture is sculptural, balancing tradition with modernity, creating an environment that is both visually and emotionally engaging.

Common Areas
Upon entering the formal drawing room, one is greeted by cozy seating in hues of rust and green, complemented by two Rajasthani doors—one repurposed as a center table and the other as a statement artifact. An off-center traditional arch with a sculptural console and opulent Sabyasachi wallpaper around it forms an asymmetrical focal point in the entryway.

The formal drawing and living areas are separated by a wooden sliding door with fabric sandwiched between the glass, offering a versatile solution that balances privacy and openness. The integration of whimsical black and white stripes on various furniture pieces connects the formal and informal spaces seamlessly.

The soft pink-hued marble provided by the builder is retained and complemented by brown earthy sandstone laid diagonally, creating a sense of movement and flow. This design choice anchors the informal living area and frames the arch opposite the main door, adding visual intrigue.

All walls in the living area are painted a soft terracotta color, with an intricate concrete texture spread across the long wall and focal arch. This is enhanced by a curated cluster of artifacts and two distressed green pillars from Rajasthan. The combination of cane and teak wood furniture set against dark brown sandstone flooring further enhances the welcoming and open ambiance of the informal living space.

Dining Area
The dining space features polished black furniture that contrasts strikingly with the black and white stripes in the background. The centerpiece is a dining table with sculptural legs and a pink marble tabletop with mother-of-pearl flower inlays. This combination introduces a refreshing color and a touch of opulence. The dining sideboard, finished with a gold patina and adorned with curated artifacts, adds to the room’s elegance.

A unique puja door, hand-painted by a local artist with mythological gods, serves as a symbolic backdrop for the dining area, merging local artistry with spiritual symbolism. The adjacent handwash area includes a carved console and mirror from Rajasthan, alongside a black bookshelf with floral hand-painted artwork.

The master bedroom features rich colors and luxurious fabrics, with a bold teal bed and wardrobe contrasted by pink Sabyasachi fabric on the wardrobe shutters. Wainscoting behind the bed adds texture, while a floor-length Rajasthani carved mirror enhances the room’s depth.

The daughter’s bedroom balances modern minimalism with simple aesthetics, using a palette of black, cane, and white. An arch and tropical print wallpaper add a chic and youthful touch.

The kids’ bedroom embraces a playful theme with customized soft pink wallpaper and an arched teal headboard. The bed’s round legs contribute to the room’s fun and imaginative atmosphere, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

The Lutum Home in Hyderabad, designed by Crafted Spaces, exemplifies a thoughtful integration of traditional Indian elements with contemporary design. This balance creates a visually and emotionally engaging environment, offering a unique and luxurious living experience.

The Lutum Home / Crafted Spaces

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