Townhouse Studios / Granit Architecture and Interiors

Townhouse Studios by Granit

Townhouse Studios project was recently completed by Granit Architecture and Interiors, a London architecture and interior design practice.

From the architect: The site was Virgin’s famous Townhouse Recording Studios where some of the biggest stars of the last three decades have recorded, including Queen, Robbie Williams, Coldplay and Elton John. It had lain unloved and unused for a number of years before our client – Perpetuum Development Ltd – acquired and converted it into luxury housing.

Townhouse Studios by Granit 1

A key part of our brief was to design a building that considered the iconic history of the building while creating homes for Londoners. The townhouses are full of character with some special features making them great places to live.

Townhouse Studios by Granit 2

It was important for the client to incorporate sustainable design and technologies into the development but without having a detrimental impact on return on investment. There is a mix of typologies, with a focus on upside down properties, living spaces placed on upper levels, and bedrooms below.

Townhouse Studios by Granit 3

All of the properties are designed to ‘Secure by Design’ requirements and include highly efficient hot water and heating systems. The rear properties are also fitted with solar photo voltaic panels and green roofs that meet the SUDS requirement for the site. The buildings are insulated beyond the minimum requirements.

Townhouse Studios by Granit 4

We provided full architectural and interior design services, gaining further planning consents for our client to maximise their return on investment, by increasing the net GIA, and assisting with compliance of the onerous 38 planning conditions that had to be met or discharged. We also closely liaised with local agents to determine the end specification of the houses.

Architect: Granit Architecture + Interiors
Project: Townhouse Studios
Location: Shepherds Bush, LB Hammersmith and Fulham, UK
Photography: Andrew Beasley

Townhouse Studios by Granit 5

Townhouse Studios by Granit 6

Townhouse Studios by Granit 7

Townhouse Studios by Granit 8

Townhouse Studios by Granit 9

Townhouse Studios by Granit 10

Townhouse Studios by Granit 11

Townhouse Studios by Granit 12

Townhouse Studios by Granit 13

Townhouse Studios by Granit 14

Townhouse Studios by Granit 20

Townhouse Studios by Granit 15

Townhouse Studios by Granit 16

Townhouse Studios by Granit 17

Townhouse Studios by Granit 18

Townhouse Studios by Granit 22

Townhouse Studios by Granit 21

Townhouse Studios by Granit 19

Townhouse Studios by Granit 20

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