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About Granit Architects

Granit Architects is residential architects practice in London with over 27 years experience of designing private luxury homes in London, the UK and abroad. We have worked on everything from new build houses to basement conversions, from space-creating inner London work to fine period and country properties, and on projects around the world. It all adds up to a residential architecture knowledge bank that’s hard to match.

As a design-led architecture studio, we pride ourselves on creative thinking and provide a unique design solution for every architectural and interior design project. Our creative vision, experience, and the relationships we have established help us to navigate the complexities of construction. We manage the details so you can stay focused on your goals – whether that’s a return on investment, award-winning architecture, a beautiful home, or all of those. Our architects, interior architects and designers are inspired by contextuality, people, natural light and the use of materials. We believe buildings should be beautiful, functional and sustainable and we use these principles as we strive to be one of the leading architecture firms in London.

LOCATION: London, United Kingdom

Townhouse Studios by Granit 9

Townhouse Studios by Granit Architecture and Interiors

Architect: Granit Architecture + Interiors Project: Townhouse Studios Location: Shepherds Bush, LB Hammersmith and Fulham, UK Photography: Andrew Beasley Townhouse Studios project was recently completed by Granit Architects, a London architecture and interior design practice. From the architect: The site was Virgin’s famous Townhouse Recording Studios where some of the biggest stars of the last

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