Timeless style living rooms with charismatic design

Metro Room - Timeless style living rooms

Harmoniously integrating the past in a modern concept is a major challenge for interior designers, when they intend to create a non-ephemeral classic concept. Timothy Oulton, founder and Creative Director of his eponymous brand, has brilliantly reinvented past trends bringing them in evergreen, unique interiors. Made by the very best of artisans, each piece is handcrafted using time-honored techniques.

Sport Room - Timeless style living rooms

Timeless style living rooms

Jet Bendum Living

Jet Bendum Living talks about travelling behind the known limits and it seems inspired by the passion for reaction engines and Newton’s laws of motion. Timothy Oulton, following his British heritage, brings in this living room, the personality of a British Hero – Sir Donald Campbell, a speed record breaker, who broke eight absolute world speed records on water and on land in the 1950s and 1960s. The pieces of furniture, made of metal, have as distinguished feature solidity. We recognize the Aviator Collection, which is inspired by Spitfire jet fighters from World War II. The sofa and the armchair follow the tendencies of the 1950s and are made of genuine leather by the Argentinian Diego Diaz.
The ceiling lights and lamps (Atom chandelier and Atom lamps) are also remarkable and inspire a jet propulsion.

Jet Bendum Living Sputnik Timeless style living rooms

Jet Calcula Living Sputnik - Timeless style living rooms

Coastal Cloud Living Room

Coastal Cloud Living Room is a beautiful sea coast daydream. It is warm, full of life and Mediterranean. Every object has a story to tell. The Phylum Pendant is an interesting illuminating corpus, a real ceiling jewelry (a. n. Phylum = a direct line of descent within a group, pendant= an ornament (as on a necklace) allowed to hang free according to Merriam Webster Dictionary). Another amazing detail is the one of a kind piece – the Junk Art Propeller Coffee Table. It is made of recycled propellers from Chinese Junk Boats. Still, the queen of this interior is the Cloud Sofa, a luxury invitation to a summer dream. The wood balls, the umbrellas, the skateboard and the luxurious flowerpot complete the theme of this amazing interior.

Coastal Breaker Living Room Crystalline Arris

Coastal Cloud Living Room - Timeless style living rooms

Age of elegance

When extravagance meets delicacy the result is a refined elegance. The Age of Elegance Living room is a delight for body and soul. Every object is an invitation in another era where beauty was a must and each detail was carefully considered. I would firstly remark the Bombee Chest that looks terribly Parisian, antique and, in the same time, the leather that covers it makes it modern. I loved the cabriole legs. Another interesting piece is the Crystalline Aris Coffee Table (a.n. the aris is an architectural term for a sharp edge formed by the intersection of two surfaces). It is made of   UV resistant acrylic, impenetrable to light and clearer than glass. The Elegant Oak sofa and armchair remind of 16th Centuries England and give an extra fine line, while the Rex Large Chandelier and Lamps bring the magic Venetian glass in the background. The imposing Georgian Architectural Book Case gives the final impression!

Elegant Salisbury Living Room

Elegant Linen Living Room Rex

Adventurer ruffed living

Adventure is the joy of the free spirit, the desire to discover new lands and ideas. This living room, probably inspired by a Safari experience, is a very attracting concept that talks about daring and courage. The Ruffed Compact Sofa and Armchair look comfortable and solid, having a color of wood. The Tracks Coffee table comes from the eternal story of travelling, being made of reclaimed railway wood. The Faraday Pendant suggests a tent, while the wall accessories fill in the content.

Adventurer Ruffed Living Faraday

Adventurer Explorer Living Room Faraday  - Timeless style living rooms

Beat Living Room

This Living room succeeds to “beat” time and trends. Very British, masculine and powerful, this room is classy and interesting. I especially admired The Gyro Lighting collection that is inspired by Leon Foucault’s Gyroscope and remind of the nineteenth century. It is the definitely remarkable the finishing of all furniture pieces, real rust finish or raw metal finish.

Beat Generation Room  - Timeless style

The objects in every living room by Timothy Oulton are never random; they remind of an age and tell a story. A relevant example we may find in the Composer Lounge, where all objects speak about inspiration and a bohemian time of composers that resists in every age. His work and style are truly remarkable and I invite you to discover more of his living rooms bellow!

Composer living Timeless style living rooms

Gentlemans living room Timeless style living rooms

LOFT Timeless style living rooms

Sport Room - Timeless style living rooms

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