Uncompahgre Retreat / Barrett Studio Architects

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Uncompahgre Retreat

Located in Montrose, Colorado, Uncompahgre Retreat is a wooden vacation home designed by Barrett Studio Architects.

From the architect: Nestled into the soft cottonwood trees at the edge of the Uncompahgre River, this modest home provides a cool, airy retreat from the oppressive heat of the surrounding high desert.

Uncompahgre Retreat 1

Its simple form and rustic materials present a humble facade to passersby, but inside a soaring volume and dramatic fixtures lend a sense of airiness. The rear of the home is an invitation to riverside relaxation with a generous patio, which mirrors the jogged roofline.

Uncompahgre Retreat 2

Uncompahgre Retreat 3

Uncompahgre Retreat 4

Uncompahgre Retreat 5

Uncompahgre Retreat 6

Uncompahgre Retreat 7

Uncompahgre Retreat 8

Uncompahgre Retreat 9

Uncompahgre Retreat 10

Uncompahgre Retreat 11

Uncompahgre Retreat 12

Uncompahgre Retreat 13

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