Ajuda Apartment, Lisbon / Arriba Studio

Ajuda Apartment

Project Name: Ajuda Apartment
Architects: Arriba Studio
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Photography: Ricardo Oliveira Alves

Ajuda Apartment is a residential project recently completed by Portuguese studio Arriba. The apartment is located in Lisbon.

From the architect: Architecture surrounds you every minute. At Arriba we want to enhance how you experience everyday life through the reinterpretation of the spaces you live in, from the door handle, to the room, to the city. We want you to take a step further and enjoy all of what a perfectly tailored space has to offer.

Ajuda Apartment 2

Through international experience, the 2 founders José and Filipe, have acquired in Zurich, São Paulo, Porto and Lisbon, Arriba will deliver the know-how and expertise of a bigger architecture firm, while guaranteeing the proximity that characterizes a small-scale practice.

Ajuda Apartment 3

We are committed to do so at the lowest cost possible to us, without ever compromising the quality of the final built work. Through our exclusive relationships with the best suppliers and contractors we will be able to ensure the most attractive prices for your projects.

Ajuda Apartment 4

Our practice follows a two-way process: you set your requests and this will be a dynamic experience where we solve problems and make decisions together. We want you to take pleasure in discussing the ideas, leaving the heavy work to us.

Ajuda Apartment 5

Ajuda Apartment 7

kitchen, Arriba

kitchen, Arriba

Ajuda Apartment 10

bedroom, Arriba

Ajuda Apartment 13

bedroom, Arriba

Ajuda Apartment 1

bathroom, Arriba

Ajuda Apartment 16

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