Urban Duplex Nam in Tel Aviv by Gerstner

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Urban Duplex Nam in Tel Aviv by Gerstner (1)

Designed by Gerstner, the Nam Apartment is a contemporary home embedded with industrial elements of décor.

Description by Gerstner: This urban duplex in the heart of the residential towers in Tel Aviv was designed for a young couple with little children. They wanted to have a large open space and dissolve the boundary between the private and public areas.

Urban Duplex Nam in Tel Aviv by Gerstner (4)

The main element in the duplex is the sculptural spiral metal stairs which runs along the double space, opens up the view to the city and envelopes the separation between the public area (the kitchen and living room) and the private section in upper floor. The handrail, an exposed iron sheet, runs along the stairs and the upper gallery, acts as a light ribbon partition element.

Urban Duplex Nam in Tel Aviv by Gerstner (11)

The decision to use basic materials palette is both a design and economic approach. Exposed iron stairs and beams as well as an exposed double height concrete panel wall create a rusty urban lofty sensation.

Architect: Gerstner
Project: Urban duplex NAM
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Apartment area: 90 square meters

Urban Duplex Nam in Tel Aviv by Gerstner (5)

Urban Duplex Nam in Tel Aviv by Gerstner (10)

Urban Duplex Nam in Tel Aviv by Gerstner (3)

Urban Duplex Nam in Tel Aviv by Gerstner (9)

Urban Duplex Nam in Tel Aviv by Gerstner (6)

Urban Duplex Nam in Tel Aviv by Gerstner (8)

Urban Duplex Nam in Tel Aviv by Gerstner (7)

Urban Duplex Nam in Tel Aviv by Gerstner (2)

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