Apartment P in Milan / Nomade Architecture e Interior Design

Apartment P in Milan

Located in a nice residential area in Milan, the apartment P by Nomade is part of an elegant and well designed 1920’s complex. The project was focused on the specific needs and requirements of the clients, a nice family made of 6 people (father, mother and 4 kids from 0 to 7 years old)

Apartment P in Milan 1

The intention was to open up the space, visually connecting the rooms by creating a game of sights that could whisper but not reveal the interiors.

Apartment P in Milan 3

The livingroom and Kitchen are visually connected and enriched by two full height custom made glazed doors. These are thought to become discrete decorating panels while opened, or elegant doors when closed.

Apartment P in Milan 11

The living room is fully embraced by the natural light that comes from the windows facing the park in front of the house. The atmosphere is elegant and relaxing, an important role is played by the lights that become sculptures on the ceiling. The Tv is hidden behind a painting that moves up or down when needed.

Apartment P in Milan 4

The kitchen is fully designed and custom made, the central island is a block of Calacatta Marble, the chandeliers once again give an interesting character to the space, by creating a twist between classic and design.

Apartment P in Milan 5

The girls bedroom is a precious gem, a sort of doll house for the baby girls and their toys. A Romantic bow window is enriched by a comfortable sofa, where little tea pots and cups become lights.

Apartment P in Milan 6

The guest bathroom is decorated with dark grey resin and Calacatta Vagli marble in the full height shower and sink. The contrast between the dark colour and the golden veins of the marble creates a unexpected and pleasant atmosphere.

Apartment P in Milan 7

The main bathroom, connected to the bedroom, is luminous and elegant, the white Calacatta marble illuminates the space, a touch of romance permeates the space.

Architecture and Interior Design: Selina Bertola, Nomade Architecture
Project: Apartment P
Area: 200 sqm
Location: Milan, Italy
Photography: Simone FuriosiApartment P in Milan 8

Apartment P in Milan 9

Apartment P in Milan 10

Apartment P in Milan 12

Apartment P in Milan 13

Apartment P in Milan 14

Apartment P in Milan 17

Apartment P in Milan 18

Apartment P in Milan 19

Apartment P in Milan 20

Apartment P in Milan 15

Apartment P in Milan 16

Apartment P in Milan 21

Apartment P in Milan 23

Apartment P in Milan 24

Apartment P in Milan 25

Apartment P in Milan 27

Apartment P in Milan 28

Apartment P in Milan 29

Apartment P in Milan 2

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