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Villa Béa by VEDEA + LLA near Lyon, France

Villa Béa by VEDEA + LLA near Lyon, France

Project name: Villa Béa
Architects: VEDEA – Véronique Descharrières Architecte + LLA Lionel Leotardi Architecture
Architect team members: Alice Dufourmantelle, Sylvain Saint-Père
Location: Tassin-la-Demi-Lune, France
House area: 250 m²
Budget: 1.25 M€ pre-VAT
Dates: Sept. 2018 – Dec. 2021
Photo Credits: Philippe Roguet
Awards: TrophéesEiffel from ConstruirAcier

Designed by VEDEA – Véronique Descharrières Architecte and LLA Lionel Leotardi Architecture, the Villa Béa is located on a private parcel in the village of Tassin-la-Demi-Lune, near Lyon, France. As a pavilion set in a garden, its integration into the wooded surroundings is accentuated by neighboring historical edifices and impressive centenary trees.

The adjacent buildings encircling the roughly 3,000 m² site shield it from having a direct access to the public streets, and give the parcel a secluded quality.

Villa Béa by VEDEA + LLA near Lyon, France

A metal enclosure borders the property limits, and prevents direct sight lines to the interior of the site. This allows the new house to take advantage of its intimate setting and open onto the wooded area.

The Villa Béa consists of adjoining rectangular volumes of 6 m x 16.5 m, organized in an L-shaped configuration.
This layout emphasizes the private nature of the the house, in addition to reinforcing the concept of creating a house with a singular architectural reading.

Villa Béa by VEDEA + LLA near Lyon, France

The project’s architectural identity is primarily attributed to its linear thermo-lacquered structural steel framework, which sits on piloti-type foundations in order to prevent damage to the root structures of the surrounding trees.

The mechanically welded assembly, which serves as a large overhang and shading device, liberates the façade from columns and creates a protected exterior walkway in front of the large glazed surfaces that provide panoramic views onto the site.

Villa Béa by VEDEA + LLA near Lyon, France

The metallic envelope is coated in a uniform finish that heightens the sculptural dimension of the steel structure. This perception is reinforced via architectural details that conceal joints, mechanical equipment, and lighting fixtures.

Primary living spaces such as the main bedroom, living room, and kitchen are located along the glazed façades, with service and secondary zones situated at the back of the house.

Villa Béa by VEDEA + LLA near Lyon, France

The drop-ceiling and the floor surfaces incorporate a hydraulic radiant thermal regulation system adapted to the morphology and to the structure of the house, and is also hidden in recesses so as to preserve the uniform spatial reading.

Structural and mechanical engineering: Bucci & Partners
Construction site management: Balmo
Code inspection: Socotec
Metalworks: Bourgogne Charpente Métallique
Welder: Métallerie Chatre
Masonry: Maltez Construction
Roof cladding: Leny
Exterior joinery: Hyline Building Systems
Plumbing and ventilation: Fluid’air
Electrical work: Watt Matters

Villa Béa by VEDEA + LLA near Lyon, France

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