Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment by Leopolis Architecture Group

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Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment

Leopolis Architecture Group has designed a comfortable Scandinavian apartment for a young family with children. The apartment is located in Lviv, Ukraine

Project description: This project was conducted in Scandinavian style as our clients wished. Our customers are a family with 2 children and they are leading an active way of life. They had a clear picture of what they wanted, that’s why our working process was running smoothly and quite fast. They think of a home as a place where every family member can express himself and feel comfortable all together at the same time. So the big family library, reading corners, zones for guitar playing and drawing, working space and places for children to play are looking harmonic and put together.

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 1

Home is at the same time a place to just sit together, watch a movie and relax. The house is really light and functional, but the most important thing – it demonstrates the individuality and creative potential of the family.

Interior Design: Leopolis Architecture Group
Project: Comfortable scandinavian apartment
Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 2

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 3

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 4

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 5

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 6

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 7

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 8

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 9

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 10

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 11

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 12

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 12

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 13

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 14

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 15

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 17

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 16

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 18

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment 19


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