Spectacular bathroom, delight for eyes and body, by Antonio Lupi

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michel boucquillon the OIO / Antonio Lupi spectacular bathroom

Imagine a spectacular bathroom, a real delight for eyes and body, a place where to relax and dream, where the magic of primordial water can carry you to different dimensions … This is the powerful feeling that ANTONIOLUPI’S OIO Collection left in my mind.

 Made of translucent, innovative materials, the OIO tubs and sinks can be any color you want, creating a futurist, fairytale atmosphere in your bathroom. Drawn by the Belgian designer Michel Boucquillon, these bathroom accessories are modern, spectacular and I would say even terribly romantic.

spectacular bathroom

Have you thought of the magical surprise you could make to your loved one with these OIO products? Well during the hot summer night, as all these piece are freed-standing, they can be placed even outside. Wouldn’t it be special to have a bath while enjoying a beautiful landscape or a luxurious garden? If you are passionate about technical details, you might want to know that the material these OIO objects are made of is Polyethylene, a material that is 100% recyclable. This material, except from being transparent, is also light and durable. The nice light effects are created by led light rgd complete with remote and batteries or with pressure plug. Enjoy a sensational bath!

michel boucquillon the OIO collection

michel boucquillon the OIO collection

michel boucquillon the OIO collection

Antonio Lupi spectacular bathroom

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