Pay attention to your fitness! Designer Matthias Borowski offers us something sweet

Designer Matthias Borowski  sweet furniture

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Matthias Borowski and the founder of the studio Kollektiv Plus Zwei has created a set of furniture that mimics the oversized pastry products. Part of a longer term project, The Importance of the Obvious, Borowski’s primary purpose is to explore the possibilities of a material-led design process. He notes that oftentimes, materials are chosen for a primary purpose—their other “dormant potential” overlooked.

Borowski shares in the abstract for the project, “The experience I have gained, both from my studies, as well as from my time working as a designer, have demonstrated to me that the primary focus of a designer must always be on the character and unique qualities that materials possess.” The collection includes tables and chairs of various shapes, colors and textures, all reminding of a candy store. The designer states that  he has created these “sweet” objects with the intention of producing pleasure for all our five senses. Borowski has tested a range of materials in various combinations in order to achieve different textures similar to sweets. With a tendency for candies, the project renders the colors, layers and everything  related to sweets into design objects. Delicious nougat, candy and jelly rolls are reinterpreted and scaled to be converted into furniture that will delight your senses. Matthias Borowski says “This project looks at the dormant potential of materials, and how it could be put to use. First I’ve taken a close look at food, which, although itself a material, requires entirely different and often unique or experimental preparation methods. I’ve also investigated the role of the chef. Both were used as a source of inspiration, and also as a basis for my analysis”. Enjoy the photos!

Designer Matthias Borowski  sweet furniture

Designer Matthias Borowski  sweet furniture

candy furniture

Designer Matthias Borowski  sweet furniture

sweet furniture - interior design

Designer Matthias Borowski  sweet furniture


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