PhotographerBoysPlayNice Photography & ConceptA Stone-Clad Villa Built into a Slope in Bohemian Paradise

A Stone-Clad Villa Built into a Slope in Bohemian Paradise

A Stone-Clad Villa Built into a Slope in Bohemian Paradise

Project: A stone-clad villa in Vlastibořice
Architects: SIAL Architects and Engineers Ltd.
Team: Michal Hušek, Magda Sobotková
Chief Project Engineer: Vratislav Salaba
Landscape architect: naOkraji – Daniel Matějka, Hana Matějková, Lukáš Lattenberg
Location: Vlastibořice, Czech Republic
Completion year: 2020
Built-up Area: 504 m2
Photographer: BoysPlayNice
Text and photos: Courtesy of SIAL Architects

The beautiful site slopes to the southwest and is part of a slightly undulating landscape of the “Bohemian Paradise” territory.
The plot offers amazing views of the opposite side of the valley. Due to the fact that the plot is located outside the built-up area, it offered a unique opportunity to realize a solitary villa with an extraordinary interconnection between indoor and outdoor space.
The client’s wish was to create simple, clean spaces with maximum use of natural materials.

A Stone-Clad Villa Built into a Slope in Bohemian Paradise

The stone-clad villa has two floors. In the upper floor there are designed guest rooms with separate entrance and study room. The lower floor is partially recessed into the terrain and it contains the main living space with adjacent garage and indoor pool.
The main material of the house is the stone. In the exterior, it dominates in rough form on fair-faced enclosure and sustained walls. In the interior and adjacent exterior parts of the villa, the large stone facing tiles are used.

kitchen, SIAL Architects and Engineers Ltd.

An important part of the villa is the garden, which is designed as a landscape park and consists of several parts. The entrance parterre of the upper floor, including the green roof, has a more formal character. From the south, the house is allied to an orchard with a meadow. The most sloping part of the garden is settled by the system of irregular sustained walls and fancy terraces, which freely pass into the landscape. The newly planted greenery fully respects the original local surrounding species.

A Stone-Clad Villa Built into a Slope in Bohemian Paradise

A Stone-Clad Villa Built into a Slope in Bohemian Paradise

dining area, SIAL Architects and Engineers Ltd.

bedroom, SIAL Architects and Engineers Ltd.

bathroom, SIAL Architects and Engineers Ltd.

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