Abbotsford House / Windiate Architects

Abbotsford House

Architects: Windiate Architects
Project: Abbotsford House
Location: Abbotsford, Australia
Size 72 m2
Photography: Chris Daile
Text by Windiate Architects

Description by architect: Two storey rear extension to an existing single storey brick house in an inner city heritage overlay area of Melbourne with a brief centered around bicycles and wine collecting.

Abbotsford House 1

What was the brief?
We were asked to design a home that would store a thousand bottles of wine and eight bicycles for a young professional couple without children.

Abbotsford House 2

What were the key challenges?
The site was a small inner city site with limited access as well as having a heritage overlay on the site. Constraints of overshadowing, overlooking and visual bulk were a key part of the design response.

Abbotsford House 3

What are the sustainability features?
Solar panels and solar hot water were used in the design as well as insulation and double glazing and consideration for glazing extent and location.

Abbotsford House 4

Abbotsford House 5

Abbotsford House 6

Abbotsford House 7

Abbotsford House 8

Abbotsford House 19

Abbotsford House 9

Abbotsford House 10

Abbotsford House 11

Abbotsford House 12

Abbotsford House 13

Abbotsford House 14

Abbotsford House 15

Abbotsford House 16

Abbotsford House 17

Abbotsford House 18


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