Casa Leutscher / OX Arquitectura

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Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura

Casa Leutscher is a single-family house recently renovated by Spanish studio OX Arquitectura.

From the architect: Our client wanted a warm, cozy home, where wood was the protagonist. Badly understood in general the concept “minimalism” beyond the “less is more”, we wanted “the maximum with the minimum”, which in no case reduces spatial complexity or quality of finishes. It eliminated everything that was not strictly necessary, looking for a great purity in the lines and some clear geometries.

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 1

Probably, woodworking is what best defines the quality of a home. With the same wood were made to measure the furniture of the room and bathrooms, the doors, flashings, skirting boards, layouts and cabinets.

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 2

Salon and kitchen, before closed in ground floor with very crushed spaces, narrow, and without relation with the outside, are organized now from the idea of ​​”Home” (fire) and shelter.

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 3

The concrete staircase is now an open element, which converts the vertical circulation into a space of quality and relation, articulating the spaces between the different levels.

Architects: OX Arquitectura
Project: Casa Leutscher
Location: San Juan de Alicante, Alicante, Spain
Photography: David Frutos

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 4

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 5

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 6

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 7

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 8

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 9

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 10

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 15

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 11

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 12

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 13

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 14

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 16

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 17

Casa Leutscher by Ox Arquitectura 18

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