Residential ArchitectureApartmentsApartment in Yerevan, Armenia / Futuris Architects

Apartment in Yerevan, Armenia / Futuris Architects

Apartment in Yerevan, Armenia / Futuris Home

Project: Apartment în Yerevan
Architecture Firm: Futuris Architects
Lead Architects: Hovnan Shahbazyan, Albert Galstyan
Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Completion Year: 2017
Gross Built Area: 78 sqm
Photo credits: Sona Manukyan, Ani Avagyan
Text and photos: Courtesy of Futuris Architects

This apartment in Yerevan represents the modern and minimal practicality as well as functionality. Located close to the heart of Yerevan, Armenia, the clients specifically asked for a Scandinavian design and opted for a more simple yet sophisticated interior. The design focuses vividly on making the small space as vibrant as possible, concentrating on the maximum use of the sunlight.

Apartment in Yerevan, Armenia / Futuris Home

Arising with the long and dark Nordic winter inspiration, the place looks quite spacious, warm, and bright, heavily relying on monochrome colours and a small dash of sharp contrast to keep the house more cohesive and uniform. The material widely used is wood. Whether it’s on the floor or used to make the kitchen cupboards and shelves, the wood keeps up with the light theme of the entire house. Clean and solid pieces are used as to accentuate the defining features of this apartment. The furniture is a big part of this interior. Therefore, we used simple materials and objects to reflect the theme and style of the overall space.

Apartment in Yerevan, Armenia / Futuris Home

Consisting of two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room, the clients mentioned their preference of making the space more compact. By embracing the minimalistic design, we tried our best to bring some light and brightness into the house, and lean onto the Scandinavian lifestyle.

Apartment in Yerevan, Armenia / Futuris Home

kitchen, Armenia / Futuris Home

fireplace, Armenia / Futuris Home

bedroom, Armenia / Futuris Home

bedroom, Armenia / Futuris Home

Apartment in Yerevan, Armenia / Futuris Home

kids room, Armenia / Futuris Home

Apartment in Yerevan, Armenia / Futuris Home

bathroom, Armenia / Futuris Home

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