Apartment South Kensington by Designer’s Atelier

Apartment South Kensington by Designer's Atelier (23)

Apartment South Kensington was completed recently by London-based Designer’s Atelier.

Description by Dagmar Holub, Designer’s Atelier: The apartment in South Kensington came complete with original fire place, high ceilings, large windows and 119m sq (1281 sq ft) of interior space with an additional private communal garden. Underpinning everything was an existing colour of dove grey pared with beech herringbone parquet flooring which our client decided to retain as they were in excellent condition.

Apartment South Kensington by Designer's Atelier (22)

The sense of tranquillity in this large and light filled space was instant. Along with the expansive living area, the apartment has a kitchen and two on suite bedrooms. Although much of the original features have been preserved, the inside of the apartment has been given a contemporary feel without compromising on character or individuality.

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The Philippe Stark’s Volage bed taking centre stage in the first bedroom with statement art cushions was handpicked from our recommended designers. The bed is made from extruded aluminium and die-cast polished aluminium; both bed and headboard are covered in deep brown linen which adds depth to the space. Smart glass bedside tables with polished aluminium base and a padded bench are a true designer gem emphasising the sophistication of the scheme.

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Apartment South Kensington

Should paintings be reserved for the walls only? We think not, that’s why we transformed this private interior space into a mini art gallery. The colour-pop cushion collection sourced from the Conran shop features paintings by a Spanish artist Joan Miró. His cushions are bright and bold with plenty of character. Desert cloth bolster cushions from De Le Cuona emulate the appearance of French antique bed linen which creates a subtle background along with navy silk velvet cushions backed in soft linen.

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Apartment South Kensington by Designer's Atelier (5)Our client’s choice of a custom designed chest of drawers by an Italian manufacturer, Laura Meroni was inspired by the bench-tops used by marble workers to rest the slabs of stone before cutting them. The light squeezes through the horizontal and vertical lines turning this chest of drawers into a modern sculpture. Our client imprinted his personality, taste and interest in his choice of furnishings and memorabilia which he placed in the key areas of his bedroom.

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The key to creating a desirable bedroom which inspires a blissful night’s sleep was not just down to the bed and giant custom designed headboard, it came with all the added extras. The over bed storage, all in white was created to reflect our client’s taste and to suit her individual requirement for additional space. We incorporated spotlights and adjustable lamps within the storage space to provide her with greater flexibility. A druzy quartz knobs with gem-like shine were handpicked by our client for a natural finishing touch.

Apartment South Kensington by Designer's Atelier (8)For supreme snugness, we kept plenty of cushions and throws at hand which we finished with a touch of delicate detailing as seen in De Le Cuona’s cushions. Our client’s daughter was very involved in her choices and personalised her room in the form of letter books that read her name, bringing her private space to life.

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One of the first items our client chose for her bedroom which set the feel was an exquisite mother of pearl inlay chest of drawers originating from Jaipur, India. We were truly on a mission when it came to finding a mirror for her bedroom as the size had to be just right so as not to overpower the natural balance of the room. After many attempts we eventually found a Chinese-inspired mirror with a heavily distressed painted frame featuring a delicate, ornate, textural design. The large Blossom chandelier from Porta Romana with glass detail in decayed silver, constructed from forged steel, beautifully complements her sophisticated taste.

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The neutral backdrop in this expansive living area could have come across as cold but it is quite the opposite. The colour combination creates a rich textural depth so the room feels cosy all year round. Existing parquet floors add warmth to the dove grey walled space into which we injected dark brown, champagne and red colours for a dramatic but inviting living room interior.

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The father, son and daughter all enjoyed collaborating on this project but it was the father and son who greatly influenced the feel of the shared living space by creating their very own masculine imprint here. The father did not interfere with choices his children made in their own bedrooms but wanted to make his own mark in the living area by encouraging the use of red colour and the aeroplane engine coffee table.

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The owners wanted to feel super comfortable watching TV on their own as well as having friends around so a large lounge area was created in response to that. A request for a big TV screen came from our client’s son. Finding the comfortable sofa that fulfilled all the family’s requirements could have been a very stressful event were it not for our skill in sourcing the perfect item from our most valued contacts.

Apartment South Kensington by Designer's Atelier (19)We were asked to incorporate into the overall design, the Aviator Tomcat chairs our client had shipped from the US. These chairs in riveted aluminium are a combination of an American F-14 Tomcat, and a World War II British Spitfire. The great conversational piece in the form of an airplane engine coffee table completes the aviation look.

Apartment South Kensington by Designer's Atelier (15)For maximum graphic impact we displayed a Neon canvas by Andrew Martin which balances with our client’s existing art piece on the opposite wall by Pietro Psaier. The Oval Fly table by Flexform with a chrome base and Isabel chairs appealed to our client for its simplicity, form and function.

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Apartment South Kensington by Designer's Atelier (18)The Robinson pendant light by Carpyen allowed us to use the original ceiling rose. Thanks to the genius mobile suspension incorporated in to the design, it gave us the freedom of a 360 degree turn allowing us to position the light right above the coffee table, removing the costly need to move the ceiling rose.

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Apartment South Kensington 1

The whole look was finished with a limited edition silk and wool rug which we sourced from Interior Supply, it is the softest and the most luxurious rug we have ever used in a project so far.

Project: Apartment South Kensington
Interior Design: Designer’s Atelier, Dagmar Holub

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