Bamboo House / Vilela Florez Studio

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio

Architects: Vilela Florez Studio
Project: Bamboo House
Team: Daniel F. Flórez, Mariana Vilela
Location: Pipa Beach, Brazil
Area: 180.0 m2
Year 2017
Photography: Maira Acayaba, Guillermo F. Florez

The clients, a couple who spend most of the year sailing on a sailboat through the Mediterranean islands, ask us to design a house in a condominium near a small village of the northeast of Brazil. Their only conditions were that we should stick to the budget and it should be finished in only 10 months.

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio 1

Given the limited time granted for design and construction, a simple volume with the rooms is proposed and connected by bridges to an outdoor living area, paved in stone as the traditional Portuguese sidewalks. This living area is protected laterally by two local- stone walls and shaded by a wooden roof.

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio 2

The program includes, besides the gran outside living area, laundry, kitchen, and three rooms where their sons could stay with their family.

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio 3

The volume of the bedrooms is built in structural masonry of concrete blocks, creating vertical ribs where bamboo sticks panels, arranged as fishbone, are placed in between. The bamboo panels shade the façade, helping the thermal behavior of the building.

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio 4

The Bamboo house is oriented towards the prevailing winds which crosses the pool water and the vegetation of the gardens to penetrate the bedrooms, cooling the constant breeze and refreshing the interior from the strong tropical heat.

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio 5

Besides the natural color pallet, spanning from wood, to bamboo and natural stone, the bedroom volume is painted in Mediterranean blue, a color so familiar to the clients from their many boat trips.

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio 6

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio 7

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio 8

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio 9

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio 10

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio 11

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio 12

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio 13

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio 14

Bamboo House

Bamboo House, Vilela Florez Studio 15

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