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Bonham Terrace House / Tornbjerg Design

Bonham Terrace House

Bonham Terrace House is a beautiful, contemporary treehouse recently designed by Thomas Tornbjerg AIA in collaboration with Laura Britt Design. Architect Thomas Tornbjerg somehow engineered four different condominium homes on a deeply sloped lot, a feat that lends much to their uniqueness. Located in Travis Heights, the Bonham Terrace House has the oaks and other native foliage that suit and intertwine with the building. The 2,012-square-foot house is a classically modern contemporary, with window walls, white oak flooring; outdoor balconies; smooth, museum-quality wall finishes; quartz counters; and custom cabinetry.

Bonham Terrace House 1

Bonham Terrace House 2

Bonham Terrace House 3

Bonham Terrace House 4

Bonham Terrace House 5

Bonham Terrace House 6

Bonham Terrace House 7

Bonham Terrace House 8

Bonham Terrace House 9

Bonham Terrace House 10

Bonham Terrace House 11

Bonham Terrace House 12

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