Residential ArchitectureHousesOrcas House by Atelier Drome: Mountaintop Home for an Artist

Orcas House by Atelier Drome: Mountaintop Home for an Artist

Orcas House Atelier Drome

Orcas house is a mountaintop home on Orcas Island designed by Atelier Drome for the artist Richard Brothers.

From the architect: Located in Washington’s San Juan Islands, we at Atelier Drome collaborated with our client to create a modern residence, dedicated to creative pursuits; the perfect artist get away. Our client for this island home spent ten years working in finance in New York City before deciding to abandon that world to re-embrace art. Over time, he has worked, taught, and exhibited art across the country, always looking for the right combination of community and quiet retreat to make his permanent home. He knew that he wanted the house to serve as a quiet retreat, disciplined working environment, and with low energy needs, all within a strict budget.

Orcas House Atelier Drome 1

We made sure to include sustainable building practices in order to ensure   longevity and efficiency. The home incorporates geothermal wells and heat pump, solar panels, and a sophisticated insulation system resulting in a nearly zero energy usage home. Radiant slabs, passive cooling through stack effect cross ventilation, high efficiency wood stoves, and specially constructed glazing make an efficient, comfortable home.

Architect: Atelier Drome
Project: Orcas House
Location: Orcas Island, Washington, USA
Photography: Eirik Johnson

Orcas House Atelier Drome 2

Orcas House Atelier Drome 4

Orcas House Atelier Drome 3

Orcas House Atelier Drome 6

Orcas House Atelier Drome 7

Orcas House Atelier Drome 8

Orcas House Atelier Drome 9

Orcas House Atelier Drome 5

Orcas House Atelier Drome 10

Orcas House Atelier Drome 10

Orcas House Atelier Drome 11

Orcas House Atelier Drome 12

Orcas House Atelier Drome 13

Orcas House Atelier Drome 15

Orcas House Atelier Drome 16

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