PhotographerCasey Dunn PhotographyBuckeye House / Paul Lamb Architects

Buckeye House / Paul Lamb Architects

Austin-based Paul Lamb Architects have designed Buckeye House, a two-storey private residence located in Buckeye, Texas, US. The interior design was conceived by McAlpine Boothe & Ferrier Interiors and construction was completed by Crowell Builders. Photography by Casey Dunn

Buckeye House 1

Buckeye House 2

Buckeye House 3

Buckeye House 4

Buckeye House 5

Buckeye House 6

Buckeye House 7

Buckeye House 8

Buckeye House 9

Buckeye House 10

Buckeye House 11

Buckeye House 12

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