Bukit Panjang Apartment by IN-EXPAT Singapore

Bukit Panjang Apartment by IN-EXPAT Singapore

Project: Bukit Panjang Apartment
Interior Design: IN-EXPAT
Designer: Joey Chia
Location: Singapore
Photography: Wong Weiliang
Courtesy of IN-EXPAT

The two brothers Fabio and Hendro are adventurous and open to bold propositions, and desired a home with a calming atmosphere. While they may be different in personalities, the two brothers share a preference for a clean, minimalist home with distinct focal points.

interior design by IN-EXPAT Singapore

For the design of this 400-square-metre 5-room Bukit Panjang Apartment in Singapore, we proposed the use of the colour black as a thematic element given its toned down masculine and modern qualities.

Bukit Panjang Apartment by IN-EXPAT Singapore

But black is a tricky colour to work with, and it can easily overwhelms spaces with its presence alone. To escape the confining, claustrophobic effect, we ensured that is an abundance of natural lighting, along with the occasional pop of other colours such as blues and browns to break up the otherwise expansive blacks. The contrasting blocks of bold colours has helped to create spatial highlights against the overall neutral backdrop, and the results are striking. We also introduced metallic accents in the form of brass plates which can be found in the wardrobe’s customised door handles as well as a gold-glass fitting over the kitchen counter to add dimensionality to the black surfaces.

kitchen by IN-EXPAT Singapore

And as one of the brothers is passionate about cooking, additional storage spaces were introduced to store his collection of cooking and baking appliances. The storage capacities were condensed into a single, large tower to conserve space in the kitchen and avoid having the conventional placement of cabinetry above the kitchen counter.

Bukit Panjang Apartment by IN-EXPAT SingaporeOther personalised interior interventions include the repositioning the master bedroom door to allow room for a vanity area outside the original bathroom, and also the repositioning of the master bedroom door.

Bukit Panjang Apartment by IN-EXPAT Singapore

bedroom by IN-EXPAT Singapore

Bukit Panjang Apartment by IN-EXPAT Singapore

Bukit Panjang Apartment by IN-EXPAT Singapore

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