Cactus Loft Apartment for a Drummer / Zooi Studio

Cactus Loft Apartment for a Drummer / Zooi Studio

Designer: Zooi Studio
Project: Cactus Loft Apartment
Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Description by designer: An extravagant couple wanted to see a fancy design in their room! They said that the famous projects of the Ukrainian studio ZOOI under the names Pink and The Cat expressed exactly that mood and style that they would like to have at home.

Cactus Loft Apartment for a Drummer / Zooi Studio 1

The kitchen is designed on order and, as requested by the young couple, is decorated with steel facades. The top boxes are also made of metal that you will see more than once in the design of this apartment.

Cactus Loft Apartment for a Drummer / Zooi Studio 2

The designers of the interior studio ZOOI, Pavel Voitov and Maxim Doschinsky, got a small two-room apartment to work on. For the benefit of music and space, they decided to combine the kitchen and the living room.

Cactus Loft Apartment for a Drummer / Zooi Studio 3

The ceiling above the sofa is decorated with concrete and metal lathing that covers all the wiring. Walls are also decorated with a concrete plaster.
The sofa has an unusual design as well; its base goes into the shelf under the plasma. A coarse coffee table in the furring is a ZOOI’s ace in the hole. The same table can be found in the hallway. It consists of two separate cubes, very functional and transferable to any place: you can sit on them or use them as bedside tables.
In order to organize the drum set area properly, the interior designers of ZOOI created a podium and lowered the ceiling to install the noise isolation of this space. They also outlined this zone with the supporting column that separates kitchen and living room. In addition, this «sofa» area, as intended, has double purposes: there is an installed projector above the coffee table, and if you want, you can put down the screen in front of the drum set and watch the movie in a larger size.
Thorough attention should be paid to the “sofa” area, that is the second part of the living room. It is designed in the form of a niche, where it is convenient to watch and listen to the drummer’s play. The ceiling above it is decorated with concrete and metal lathing that covers all the wiring.
A remote dining table on a glass leg was also designed by ZOOI; it will be fixed by one side in the working surface of the kitchen. The table is made of tempered glass, so there will be no problems with stability! You can even sit down on it. The ceiling joist was designed with micro cement.
The wall on the kitchen side remained untouched. Panoramic windows fill the space with natural light during the day, while for the pleasant and atmospheric lighting in the evening we installed technical lighting.
The bedroom is decorated with veneer sheet and glass cacti. Near the window there is a small lounge area for socializing or for evenings for two.
As an extravagant detail for the loft interior, the studio ZOOI suggested to use glass cactus. It may sound funny that when the customer considered the visualization he admitted that he always thought that cactus looks boring. But it was exactly these “plants”, designed according to the stained-glass technique, that the young man fell completely in love with and he agreed that it would become an interesting and appropriate detail of the apartment in an industrial style.
Throughout the Cactus loft it is intended to use a parquet board for flooring. In the area for watching TV, a soft carpet is spread on the floor.
The large dressing room is custom-built, decorated with black glass and a strip, while from the dressing room this “wall” works as a mirror.
The bathroom is decorated with micro cement. Somewhere the original walls were left untouched, and somewhere they were decorated with a plaster. Metal frames for towels and a special shelf made of wooden strips, reminds of whole designer “cactus” spirit.
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