Cloud House / Akin Atelier

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Cloud House / Akin Atelier

Architects: Akin Atelier
Project: Cloud House
Interior Design: Kelvin Ho
Location: Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia
Photographer: Murray Fredericks

Cloud house is a private home located at Bondi Beach. The concept was to maximise the opportunity for light to interact with the surfaces of the house, like the facets of a cloud.

Cloud House / Akin Atelier 1

The Cloud house is open towards the East of the site to benefit from the morning sun, while the internal courtyard allows sun throughout the day to flood the double height living area.

Cloud House / Akin Atelier 2

The home is designed as two structures interconnected by the internal courtyard on the ground level, and the open walkway on the upper level. The ground level focuses on living spaces, and the upper level on bedrooms.

Cloud House / Akin Atelier 3

Cloud House / Akin Atelier 4

Cloud House / Akin Atelier 5

Cloud House / Akin Atelier 6

Cloud House / Akin Atelier 7

Cloud House / Akin Atelier 8

Cloud House / Akin Atelier 9

Cloud House / Akin Atelier 10

Cloud House / Akin Atelier 11

Cloud House / Akin Atelier 12

Cloud House / Akin Atelier 13

Cloud House / Akin Atelier 14

Cloud House / Akin Atelier 15

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